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Most common challenges faced during app development

Most common challenges faced during app development

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The most common inquiries that we regularly run over while developing mobile apps is "How much does it cost to build a mobile application?" The following thought doing rounds in the brain of the business people is what’s the average time required to build up an application. Would the procedure be convoluted or would the application be prepared to be distributed in the App Store on time?

These are some of the worries distinguished with the creation of a mobile app.
Amid the distinct phases of planning, creating and testing, mobile app developers need to concentrate entirely on the functionality, ease of use, performance, accessibility, and security of the app with the goal that target audience can be locked in. Additionally, they likewise need to search for methods so that the applications provide an increasingly customized user experience over the different devices and operating systems.
Let's have an in-depth perspective on the challenges that are influencing the development of a mobile app.

Challenge #1: An engaging app idea

With such a significant number of alternatives and opportunities, application developers are constantly vigilant to make applications that individuals need. You would prefer not to make an application that no one needs, isn't that so?


Research, research, and some more research. Lead a market study, and you’ll realize where there is a void in the market that you can satisfy. Aside from developing an application that individuals need seriously, you need to make it seem physically extraordinary with exceptional graphics and features. Since it is the physical attraction that pulls in an individual first.
To conquer this challenge, you have to answer the given queries:

  • Is your application entirely important?
  • Will your application fill the gap in the market?
  • Is your application totally new or would you want to renew a current one?
  • What functions do you want to satisfy?
  • Has anybody recently launched an app simply like yours?

Challenge #2: Having sufficient funds

You may have an amazing application idea, yet to transform that thought into reality and to win, a notable fund is required.
Building up an application is a costly issue as the expense of app development can be in the range of $3,000 to $150,000, contingent upon the idea of your application. So, how to get the funds can be a challenge for certain app developers.


In case you can't locate the correct financial specialists to put resources into your application idea, there are a few different approaches to raise funds. Two of these incorporate angel investors from family or friends and joint endeavor organizations, which can both be thriving.
Also, crowdfunding through platforms such as AppBackr or Kickstarter and application contests can likewise be an approach to make a move. But the further issue will lie in overseeing that capital successfully take advantage of them and launch of an application is profitable.

Challenge #3: Cross-platform apps

We are not in that era when app developers had to concentrate solely on developing mobile apps for regular screen sizes, devices, and operating systems. Nowadays people are handling devices with different screen sizes.
Thus, designing and developing a mobile application for just a selected few screen sizes and devices is utterly not a choice.


To make the mobile application seamlessly perform over all the mobile platforms, mobile app developers need to utilize a responsive design, when building up a mobile application.

Challenge #4: Interactive apps

Interactions are similarly as significant as an engaging idea. Smartphones nowadays are weighed down with high-level sensors, in this manner offers plenty of possibilities. So, mobile app developers can benefit as much as possible from these sensors.
But making interactions is tedious and can be a challenge to manage amid the designing stage.


Reflect on interactions well ahead of time to save time amid the designing stage. Also, go for a far-reaching application experience. Try not to confine yourself to hit and swipe gestures. You can use buttons with different click choices and consider overlays to show extra info.
Put progressively real interactions like shaking, titling, and flipping into play, which permit the application to respond to direction, position, and environment of the mobile and trigger some activity.

Challenge #5: Application content management

Content management strategies for the applications is developing quickly. The mobile apps must be refreshed with rich content material such as pictures, videos, animations, and so on. But it’s challenging to update such content on a mobile app as it uses huge bandwidth.


As some technical problems emerge while updating the current mobile app with new content consistently, it is smarter to launch a new version of the application.
As of now, various frameworks are accessible in the market that eases out the procedure of mobile application content management. Such a framework helps in streamlining the bandwidth use and dependable content.

Challenge #6: Navigability issues

As an application developer, something that has all the earmarks of being easy to you may not be the equivalent for your mobile app users. Actually, what you thought was a primary interface might be unreasonably entangled for the user, prompting negative feedback which will hurt the number of downloads you receive on your application.


Try to be as simple and clear as you can with your mobile app. Incorporate supportive instructions and videos in your application.
You may utilize the UI designs effectively in Apple, Android, and Windows as the users are as of now familiar with them. Also, do not avoid to include the thumbnails and icons that would, for the most part, improve the user's understanding and navigation capacity.

Challenge #7: Clean architecture

As a mobile app developer, it ought to be a great idea to build up an application with a decent and clean architecture. It is identified with how you make your application, if you don't then when you need to test your application to discover glitches and bugs it will very much challenging.
What's more, when another individual is joining the team to create your application, they can’t easily understand the flow of your application.


There are many common architectures known in the mobile app development domain for example MVVM (Model-View-View-Model), MVP (Model-View-Presenter), and so forth. You can pick one of them and implement it to your app.
Next, to it, an application with great architecture will give an adequate performance because you have put all materials code in a suitable spot.

Challenge #8: Battery consumption

At the point when performance driven applications are created, it is vital to guarantee that there is no battery drainage. There have been many applications in the market that consume up the battery in the background when you are not utilizing them.


The best method to make applications that would consume less battery is by adjusting its behavior contingent upon the nature of the device. For instance, disabling service notifications when the internet connection is weak or irregular.

Challenge #9: Boosting the app's visibility

After successfully creating and launching the mobile app, marketing and promotion of the applications is a noteworthy challenge faced by the app developers.
It’s clear that users have the alternative to pick from more than 3.5 million applications accessible in the App Store. The majority of these applications are even accessible as free downloads. Consequently, every app developer needs to investigate strategies to make the app captivating to everyone to achieve more downloads.
In any case, most app developers these days aggressively market their applications without executing App Store Optimization. Henceforth, developers regularly think that it is difficult to make their applications captivate everyone and catch the eye of the audience.


An app developer can without much difficulty improve the visibility of the application by applying a strong optimization strategy on the App Store.
The developer can even upgrade the visibility of the Android application by picking the apt application name, designing a remarkable icon for the application, incorporating the correct keywords in application specification, and including top-notch videos and screenshots.

Challenge #10: Test and improve

If you don’t do appropriate testing and checking you won’t know the precise issues that need to be removed from your application.


Stay aware of changes in the platform explicit to your application; to guarantee that your application will stay pertinent and at the bleeding edge of new trends. Test the core of your app with beta testers and through research, figuring out what other features must be.
You will go through several obstructions in your journey of mobile application development where the quantity of contenders is substantial; the fund is consistently a worry, and useful application is the main target.
As a business leader, you have to take a stab at progress regardless of what hindrances come to your direction. To develop and make yourself survive as a business, challenge your confinement and work as per the plan. Since if the above challenges are not entirely solved it would influence the general application reputation.
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