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Migrating from Parse

Most mobile apps and quite a few web apps out there use Parse extensively for a backend, and with good reason. Parse provided an easy to use backend system for your apps which could get you up and running in minutes – a boon for many indie developers to hit the ground running.

But unfortunately Parse is shutting down in January 2017. It is imperative that you migrate now. But where do you go? We have figured out some amazing alternatives for you.

What features do you need from the Parse alternative?

  • Data Storage & Querying
  • Push Notifications
  • Usage Analytics
  • Social Integration
  • User Administration
  • Cloud Code Integration
  • Multiple Mobile Platform SDKs
  • Background Jobs
  • Crash Report

Obviously the most customizable option would be to have your own back end system. This would certainly be the best suited for your needs. At least you can be sure no one is going to wake up one day, and shut it down. We can offer you a highly customized backend at a competitive price and low cost support. Our customized solution includes:

 Parse offerings


 Data Storage & Querying  AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS  DynamoDB
 Push Notifications  AWS SNS
 Usage Analytics  AWS Mobile Analytics
 Social Integration  Open Source Parse Server
 User Administration & Cloud Code Integration  Open Source Parse Server
 Multiple Mobile Platform SDKs  AWS Mobile Hub
 Background Jobs  AWS EC2 (Apache Server Crons)
 Crash Report  Crashlytics

Migrate your product from Parse in just 1 week!

If you’re struggling with migrating to a back end other than Parse, go ahead and give us a shout out, you will not be disappointed. Our solution architects will help you find the best approach and we can help you implement the solution at an insanely fast speed of 1 week or less.

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