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Major Benefits and Concerns About Cloud Computing in Travel

The travel and hospitality industry has a very dynamic need when it comes to the choice of IT infrastructure. With an ever-evolving technology landscape and increasing customer demands, the industry needs a dynamic model of computing services that can support its varying initiatives. Fortunately the improvement and wide-scale adoption of cloud computing in travel have solved many of its concerns.

Cloud computing is the use of scalable computing resources and IT infrastructure using the internet. In this blog, we will observe the major benefits of cloud computing in travel and hospitality industry and solve some of the pressing issues in its adoption.

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5 Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing in Travel and Hospitality Industry:

1. Flexibility:

Travel companies experience seasonal spurts in demand with off-seasons experiencing a significantly low volume of revenue in comparison to peak times. Cloud computing offers a scalable computing model where travel and hospitality companies can drop down their usage and save the costs that otherwise would have been incurred in maintaining in-house IT infrastructure.

2. Mobility:

With consumers going mobile they demand the travel service providers provide them with seamless experience while booking tickets via unconventional mediums like mobile apps or even chatbots. Cloud computing allows the travel companies to leverage mobile cloud computing to their advantage making it easy for them to host their applications on the internet and provide speedy services to the consumers.

3. Security:

The cloud services provided by top IT companies are comparatively more secure as compared to in-house infrastructure. Most of the cloud service providers constantly update their infrastructure to fight the latest security threats. Performing that level of upgrades to security will require a company to invest heavily in IT professionals while they are obviously better off concentrating on their core activities.

4. Analytics:

When your data is stored in the cloud it becomes easier to run third-party analysis by using tools like Hadoop, Hive, and Tableau. Major big data analysis tools offer direct integration with cloud service providers, in fact, some companies offer in-build tools for data analysis. This enables travel companies to gain insights using business intelligence solutions and enjoy benefits of data backed decision making.

5. Synchronization:

Today travel companies offer customer service using many channels like social media, mobile apps, website, affiliate networks, chatbots and review sites. This makes it difficult to provide a similar experience across multiple channels. Cloud computing helps manage data from multiple platforms using a single dashboard providing scope for improvement in omnichannel management.

The Common Concerns While Moving to Cloud:

1. Privacy Obligations:

Travel and hospitality companies have loads of sensitive customer data like credit card details, transaction history, current location etc. It is mandatory for them to secure this data and ensure that no other person or entity gains unauthorized access to it. While in general, an SLA might not contain clauses specifying the extent of your data usage you can always use a specific language like:

During the term of this Agreement, the Customer grants the Vendor a non-exclusive, non-transferable, terminable at-will license to use the Customer’s Data solely for purposes of performing the Services for Customer’s benefit.

According to an article from CSOOnline, this is supposedly the best way to ensure your data security not only from potential hackers but also from the vendors. Hence you will securely leverage cloud without ever worrying about data loss, theft or manipulation.

2. The Hassle of Migration:

Migrating your data securely from in-house systems to cloud is a very complicated process if the data is old and voluminous. Now, each of the major cloud service providers has a wide number of partners who help companies to move to the cloud and even outsource the management.

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