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Latest technology to thrive in the website development industry

New technologies

Every year comes with new hopes, same goes in terms of new technological updating in 2019, where new ideas will enlighten up the new initiative in the field of website development as well. Now everything based on the global economy goes to a series of changes with every passing year and web applications are not untouched with it. From machine learning to crypto currency and artificial intelligence to things of internet current developments are the basis of how our lives are becoming more dependent on these technologies.

If somebody wishes to create a business or retail website, then use of new technology and their introduction will help one stay ahead than rest. An emerging concept like real-time chats, Google tracking, and maps integration image sharing and many other functional features that will help you gain momentum in the upcoming competitive business market.

Introduction of breakthrough technologies shifts the domain of outlook to various technologies that impact our day to day life in every best possible manner. With the introduction of so many developers and programmers, people are always in thrust for news additions related to the latest updates in various fields.

To keep an eye on developments related to the website development industry let see the latest technology which will rule in 2019

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is machined derived cognitive function and applications that are based on human thinking and learning. This may include the ability to collect and analyze data, to learn information and channelize it. Utilization of artificial intelligence is present in every aspect of our lives that make it more analytical and communicative.

Artificial intelligence changes everything from education to retail shopping and sensors controls. In 2019 we will see deeper impact and implementation of AI in workplaces and customer relationship. Introduction of digital assistants like Alexa allow a large proportion of skill-based onboard training.

Introduction of chatbots like the one with Facebook has changed the way we interact socially. This revolution empowers small enterprises to have a better channel for customer experience at website development.

With features, like AVR,IVR and  machine learning, the potential coverage of AI in website development will wing up to every sector be it health, agriculture, logistics, and raw materials.

2. Progressive website application (PWA)

With their success in ongoing years, they will continue to be the hottest trend in 2019 also. These are the modern age upgradation like web application tool age regular web pages. This ultimately increases the functional power of the website. With this you can load them very easily and instantly regardless of the web browser server you are using as they will be designed in a way to have progressive enhancements. On the top of it, you can share it through URLs and rearrange your user database with the help of push notification on the web.

Progressive website-application ensures a user-friendly hassle free experience which is more stable and enhances the current web technologies picture. Moreover, it will be safer to use it as it will be served by HTTP to avoid data tampering.

3. Javascript framework

With its evolution six years back in 2012 java script is still everyone's favorite language. According to stark 2018! Report it will continue to grow in 2019. Introduction of angular in JavaScript by Google team to develop application suitable frameworks has given it a new edge. It allows feature replacement as well as a modification which makes it unique workflow development. It provides the whole new dimension of power, intelligence, and flexibility which makes it still viable in the market.

Another addition in the JavaScript is “REACT” which is maintained by facebook. For creation of interactive interference of users. It works mostly on single page app or mobile applications. The best part is it allows data optimization without reloading the page. This is inbuilt with DOM that enhances its overall performance.

Among all vue.js is one of the famous frameworks thanks to its clean and perfect approach which have better API, SVG animation, unique proxy support and component rich library.

4. Blockchain technology

Remember bitcoins, blockchain technology backed up crypto currency is still famous around the corner. Blockchains are designed to decrease the frequency of transactions with better financial settlement and improved the inflow of cash. This overall decrease the financial business cost. They are the distributor ledger which are open, and have decentralized and modernized blocks. For inter-node communication blockchain technologies have strict protocols and validation of new block, this has led it to earn the title of most trustable cryptocurrency company around the world.

5. Cybersecurity

With cyber hacking, data threats and breaches of the website information, there are few dark secrets of our developing technological industry too. Information technology security protects you from disruption of the service data damages either hardware or software. Services discontinuity with theft of the valuable information is two fears that any web user face. With upcoming technological additions, new vulnerabilities will be seen in this horizon too. These may include finding the solution to protect the private information of the individual, society, community within the server. More strengthening of the security system is a must. Developmental changes in cybersecurity reduce the cyber challenges one may face in technology development.

6. Motion IU

Demand for motion IU is increasing with the demand for more interactive web applications and designing content. The real-time usage with amazing graphics and designing that are dynamic in nature. The whole concept is based on the idea that a narrator will tell his story which is communicative and visual both. This is achieved with the means of various tools on the technology front like AVR. In addition it gives seamless transition after effect on the interference of the user.

Why main attention is being drawn to motion UI is the fact that it allows animation content easily accessible even without the use of JavaScript.

7. Single Page Application

It is a user device based web application that works wonders in the web application system on mobile as well. Single page application is purely Java based that boost up the performance of the web application by minimizing page interruption which is produced by slow uploading. This decrease the development time of website as well as the navigation action time, that too without creating requests from server likes HTML to fetch new server request.

8. Mobile friendly websites

Today is the era of the smartphone, with every second person on the streets carries the latest version of the headset. The era of mobile-friendly web designs is here, where they will be designed to fit narrower screens and provide better navigation controls. Due to reduces data entry they load extremely fast following this trend Google also did the same in 2016 with launching user-friendly mobile version to give viewers a desktop-like experience on mobiles. This strategy no doubt increases the brand value in the website in the market.

9. Internet of things

With the availability of fast internet speeds up to 5g and cheap data plans a lot more is cooking on the internet. According to static survey more than 35 billion people are connected to each other through the internet. To provide better integration experience of the devices along with the internet is very crucial. Though in current scenario only few websites in the development industry are using IOT, but with a new time and new technology surely will gain its ground in coming future.

This change in the outlook of technologies and their constant evolving nature, it will allow the consumer to have high-quality experience irrespective of the device technology they use currently.

Website development is working with a passive speed to meet over expanding demands. With additions of a mobile web application, frameworks, new designs technology will strive to meet expectations with continuity to flourish in spite of having few flaws too.

In this article, we have tried to explain the important trend and additions in the latest technology that become important to thrive in the market and will be evident in 2019.

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