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Latest implementations with Digital Marketing

The marketing of products or services which use digital technologies on the internet, via mobile phone applications, display advertising or any other digital means is known as digital marketing.

The strategy of digital marketing is a plan in detail on how you can use various digital marketing channels to achieve your goals in business. While designing the strategy, you need to look at the channels to be used, people simultaneously money and time to appoint to each channel and also their expectations in the terms of results. While planning a strategy you should avoid executing everything at once, because if at all anything goes wrong at the end of the day, you will get no result. Here are two major division in digital marketing:

  • Organic digital marketing, where you spend no money but time.
  • Inorganic digital marketing, to achieve goal business pays here.

Following are the latest trends in digital marketing:

# Focus on content marketing

The important part of marketing strategy of an organization is content creation. It has become important for the organization to provide better content with the change in the policies of Facebook and other social media platforms. For your startup you can adopt content marketing strategies which will help you in :

  • Building lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Increasing visibility for your brand.
  • Creating thought leadership
  • Boosting brand awareness, etc.

Content marketing campaign's main aim is to reach possible customers through the use of content. Main tools of content marketing are blogs ,ebooks , infographics, podcasts , etc.

# Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels , in spite of an increase in the use of social media networks. Email marketing is not about receiving hundreds of spam email messages daily in fact email marketing is the source which helps you to contact potential customers or people interested in your brand. In a recent survey, it came into a conclusion that email marketing had an amazing ROI of 122% which was four times higher than any other marketing channels which were examined. And paid search, direct mail and social media were included in those channels. Email marketing is highly effective but still all the startups are not able to harness the true power of email marketing.

#Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

The method of using search engine advertising to bring visitors to your website is nothing but Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. For generating sales ready leads, PPC is a strong marketing tool. PPC gives you capacity to get internet users on a number of networks via paid ads. You pay particular amount as a fee to the provider, every time the user click on your ads; [hence the term pay-per-click (PPC)]

Following are the advantages which PPC offers:

  • You need not have to wait for the results
  • PPC campaigns finish their budget rapidly.
  • With the correct ad and correct timing, you can reach your customers.

#Influencer marketing

Basically, influencer marketing is a hookup between a brand and an influencer. Through social media, the influencer advertises the brand's products and services. Best thing about influencer marketing is that it is cheap compared to that of traditional marketing channels. Have a look on some reasons, why companies should start following influencer marketing:

  • Influencer marketing is easy to carry out.
  • Influencer marketing is cheaper than any other promotional plans.

Verbal appearance of influencer marketing builds faith for your brand. If starting a business one should first search for MICRO-INFLUENCERS for the startup and then get into the big digital marketing influencers. Believe it or not influencer marketing can make a huge difference if accomplished properly.

#Website marketing

The procedure of using the internet to market your business is nothing but website marketing. It refers to the immense category of advertising that takes various forms, but basically includes any marketing activity which is conducted online. Website marketing includes the use of social media blogging, etc.

Here are some types of website marketing:

  • Social media marketing - connecting customers with the help of Facebook, Twitter and other such sites.
  • Affiliate marketing - making easier for consumers to shop products online, you need to work with each other’s businesses.
  • Video marketing - for promotional intentions you need to use web-videos.

#Television marketing

Television marketing is still an option to get into marketing channel experience as an increase in the upcoming years. The means of television has been an essential tool for marketers, when it comes to engrossing with their target people; since many years. Marketers can just make a guess, based on statistics which they have from a finite amount of people.

#Voice search

No doubt, voice search is rising in popularity. Voice search is a process to study products, information, services, etc. on the search engine via voice commands. It concedes people to collaborate with technology using verbal commands instead of typing search queries into a device. Two types of voice search are those which are installed in desktops or smartphones; for example- Siri and Google Assistant, and the next one are those which are implemented by smart speakers for example- Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Home and Apple Homepod.

Voice – enabled devices are affordable and are more capable than ever before and hence many visitors are using voice search to connect these brands.

#Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the method for tying up customers to products and services through content marketing, etc. It is a more affordable marketing strategy and hence many small business owners make use of it . The main components of inbound marketing are attention, satisfaction, faith, involvement, etc. These components have one single aim which is to help businesses connect with their possible customers.

#Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The procedure of increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It increases traffic to your website and also builds faith. SEO has only one goal i.e.- to provide you with the most compatible results possible in relation to your query.

There are three types of SEO, they are –

  • White-hat SEO
  • Black-hat SEO
  • Grey-hat SEO

These three major parts play an essential role in SEO as a quality of traffic, quantity of traffic means you will get particular traffic from a particular source , for a particular information whereas quantity means without having any particular terms by clicking on search engine results pages you will get more traffic. Organic traffic is where you get no traffic at all.

#Affiliate marketing

When you promote a company's product in exchange for a commission whenever a sale is made is called affiliate marketing. It is the most common way where you make money online. It is typically done via social media sites such as YouTube or blogging. Nowadays almost all brands have affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is the oldest type of marketing which is growing greatly with the rise of INTERNET usage.

#Offline marketing

Marketing without using the internet is termed as offline marketing. Basically traditional activities are used to promote your brand . Some of the offline marketing techniques are written below which will help you to rise your business:

  • Attending the conference and speaking there
  • Printing your advertisements
  • Promoting by helping local organizations includes:
  • Business cards, pamphlets, billboards, brochures, flyers, trading shows and much more.

The digital marketing strategy that works best for you depends on a lot of factors

  • Demographics of your audience (age group, geography etc)
  • Target industry
  • Your budget among other things

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