Is your application iPhone SDK 3.0 Ready?

If you have an existing application in the iPhone app store which needs to be converted for 3.0, or if you are looking to get an app developed using the iPhone 3.0 SDK then please feel free to contact us at info at newgenapps dot com

10 Machine Learning Technologies You Unknowingly Use

When you hear about machine learning, your first thought might be that it is an advanced technology that has nothing to do with your life. However,...

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3 Types of Machine Learning and What They Are Used for

The world now is saturated with artificial intelligence. Machine learning plays one heck of a role in it. Many programmers are compelled to...

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Content Marketing for Organic Search - How to Build Successful Strategy?

What Is an Organic Content Marketing? 

Content marketing of organic search is an approach that, rather than relying on paid means, produces visitors...

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