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IoT devices and their management

IoT devices and their management

IoT devices

IoT or Internet of Things has gone from establishing to establishment really quick. The companies are now working up with zeal in the whole structure along with the latest technologies. There are many companies that are accepting this technology change with open arms while others are having a bit of trouble with the change. However, if IoT is something that companies are opting for then it is essential that one have to take utter care of this techno in order to make sure that it is not getting converted into the Internet of Threats.

Yes, IoT might be one of the greatest evolution of technology but with time it is calculated that it has increased the threat on companies. But if one is careful with it and changing trends of IoT then there is nothing to be worried about. All one has to do is to take care of IoT as companies are taking care of their employees.

It is assumed that by the year 2020, there will be more than 20.5 billion devices that will be based on the technology do IoT. This will be considered as the industrial revolution in the fourth one that will become the connection point of the manufacturers. These devices will be capable of even ordering material or groceries of one is running low.

This is going to change the course of our professional as well as personal life. This vast opportunity that it holds in front of us can be a total disaster if one is not careful enough. It is not a surprise to see that one can actually exploit technology and take their vulnerabilities for granted. We might assume that current IoT and configuration of technology is going to stay just like that. But the fact is that it is not going to stay similar to it is now. This technology is going to change to a new level and if we are not scanning or acknowledging technology then it can be our biggest mistake.

If one is not updated with the security measure or new addition then it can be an open invitation to the cybersecurity threats and malicious attacks that have the power to ruin the whole image of the company. We might be busy in shaping and shipping the products in manufacturing companies. The only thing that we actually care for is faster deliveries while we overtake the whole concept of security.

IoT devices & their unsecured nature

The IoT devices have so many different concerns when it comes to the security system. One of them is unauthorized access that can be a boom for the companies. Many users are unaware of this fact but every single technology has a loophole that can be used to enter in any of a network. This single loophole can make the whole system vulnerable and create a large hole in the system that makes it easy to attack due to unmanageability.

It has not been a long time when Mirai botnet malware attack was here that put up the whole system of IoT under a huge risk. All a hacker require is millions of IP cameras and routers that is easy with the help of default passwords such as root/1234 or sometimes admin/password. This helps them to develop a botnet type of leverage in the system that is easy to hijack with a Distributed Denial of Service – DDoS. Hence, it becomes possible to make all the network on the internet are to be inaccessible.

In addition to this, the VPNFilter is also putting up the target to such devices that go in the IoT form. This will inflect the whole router with the Small office home office – SOHO that makes other vulnerability in software. The network flow can be hijacked the whole process with malware with the routers. This also makes the whole router software in the kill-switch that can easily destroy it all.

However, there are people that take the whole SOHO as extra work. The infrastructure is extremely critical in nature that makes the devices vulnerable as well. All you need to do now image a small malware attack to the system that has a tendency to shut down the whole process.

Now image if Smart cars, that are considered as one of the major IoT devices, was hijacked by such attack. If any of the hackers obtained that type of control over steering wheels then it can be a complete disaster for other vehicles and road safety. Especially the life of an owner will be at stake.

You can only think about the IoT devices potential ramifications that can put up the safety of a person on physical as well as online one at risk. In such as high-risk, it can make the IoT device go down the drain in the matter of a few seconds. It is essential to put your safety and headache at the priority by doing something for the security.

Management of IoT devices

In order to provide total security to the system, one can easily work on the IoT devices with the help of simple management practices.

  1. Identity to the device – This is a major change in the IoT world that have a tendency to provide total security to the system. This helps in embracing the information without leaking it.
  2. Governance of device – In this point, one can easily work on the point with the identity then it becomes essential to have a proper authentication that is based on the policies. This type of the whole system is works on access control. The governance that is given to the device along with the authentication can help in the complete lifecycle.
  3. The principle of employment with the privilege – In this system, the limited access is given to the employees so that they can work out easily. This type of policy can work upon the data and system as well. Hence, the business can work up with limited access to the data for the devices based on IoT.
  4. Password for the device – As mentioned above, passwords are something that is used in the whole IoT system. This makes it easy to work in the environment without any sort of delay and can easily be maintained. If one is changing the password for the system and devices on regular basis then it will be easy to make sure that no one can hack into the whole process.
  5. Device monitoring – We all have to keep the update on an employee’s performance. Similar to this, if one is also keeping the track on the information that can help in updating any change that might be in the system. This helps in getting a proper response to abnormal behavior.

If we treat the whole concept of IoT devices easily, there is no need to give all the access to essential data. This makes it easy to prevent any sort of unauthorized issues that might be lurking the system in the form of malware. So, be safe and keep your system secure with a proper update on the security and some measures.

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