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IoT and its impact on Mobile app development process


With the advent of time, the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually becoming a reality. Today, IoT has become crucial for every small and medium scale business. The concept of the Internet of Things can be applied into the mobile application development process. In today’s time, mobile applications have become integral parts of our day to day activities. From setting up a reminder to check the latest news updates, people use mobile applications for various purposes. However, developing an application is not an easy thing. It takes time, efforts and expertise to complete the process of developing mobile applications.

Before going to the implementation of IoT for the purpose of mobile app development, it is essential to know the Internet of Things. In the following section, a brief guide on the Internet of Things (IoT) is provided.

What is IoT

In simple terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) can be referred to as a connected network of devices. In other words, you shall find many devices are connected through a network for performing various tasks. Internet of Things can be found in homes, offices and other commercial places. With the Internet of Things, it becomes easier to manage projects which involve various departments of employees. It also becomes easier to access data stored in multiple devices.

So, the Internet of Things is something that can be applied in different business sectors. It can make conventional tasks of managing and sorting data simplified. With the increasing usage of mobile phones, demand for various mobile applications is also rising. Many people owners prefer to include their cell phone devices into the network of devices. This is why the Internet of Things is so important today. With IoT, you can include cell phone devices in a network. It makes accessing data easier for everyone on that network.

Mobile app development & IoT

There is a significant connection between mobile phone applications and the Internet of Things. If you are a mobile phone app developer, you shall find that IoT is crucial for the seamless and cost-effective development process. Primarily, developers want applications are developed in lesser time. Nevertheless, they also want better access to the resource so that the application can become robust as well as satisfying for the end-users. 

So, what is the impact of IoT in the mobile application development process? How can it be beneficial for the developers? Answers to these questions are discussed in the following section.

Centralized app development process

With the Internet of Things, several devices can be connected or paired on one network. It will help the developers to maintain a centralized platform for app development. With the advent of time, applications are getting complicated. They come with various features. They have to perform critical tasks. So, it is important to develop the applications through a well-coordinated team. Different developers will be there in the team to perform different tasks.

Having a centralized platform will help in seamless project management. It will be easier for you to manage the projects, as tasks of different developers can easily be monitored through the centralized platform. As a result, the development process becomes quicker and more organized. Errors in the development process can also be eliminated at the primary stage with centralized vigilance on the project. So, the Internet of Things has made the application development process easier for the developers.

Hybrid app development

As already stated above, people need applications that can perform more complex tasks. This is why the concept of a hybrid application is gaining popularity. With hybrid apps, the users shall get the features of native apps. At the same time, there will be some additional features that cannot be incorporated into the native apps.

To understand the concept of a hybrid application, you need to be a Facebook or Twitter user. In these social media platforms, you shall find various external links, which will take you to a new website. Whenever you click the link, you expect that the website will be loaded on your browser. However, this is something that used to happen in the past. Today, you shall find that Facebook or Twitter will act as a browser when you click an external link. In other words, clicking the link will not open your browser. The website will be loaded on your Facebook or Twitter app.

Demand for such hybrid applications is rising due to the convenience of using them. To develop such applications for mobile phone users, the Internet of Things or IoT is essential. With the help of IoT, it is possible for the developers to build hybrid applications. An application development company will be immensely benefited with the implementation of IoT. It will help the business to fulfill the demands of clients for hybrid applications. With the advent of time, demand for hybrid applications is rising, as people find it convenient when an application performs multiple tasks.

Lesser human efforts

Reducing human efforts in the development process makes an application cost-effective. The developer can expand its profit margin by reducing human efforts in the development process of a mobile app. With the Internet of Things, human efforts can be successfully reduced in developing an app. IoT can set up multiple devices and applications to one system, which can manage everything. Not just developers, the end-users shall also be benefitted. The end-users want multiple functions from the apps. However, multitasking makes an app slow to load. Thanks to IoT, this problem can be overcome with perfection. The mobile phone connected to the Internet of Things can get multiple functions from an application without experiencing lag or slowness. Using the application gets an effortless experience.

Top-notch security

With the rise of Smartphone usage, security concern is also rising. Due to the errors of the developers, security loopholes can appear. These loopholes can be utilized by hackers to get crucial and confidential personal data of the users of a particular app. Hence, security for the data of the users is a priority for the developers these days. With the conventional application development process, top-class security cannot be ensured. In order to make the application more secure, the Internet of Things (IoT) should be used. Here are the things that help to improve the security level for your application.

- Connectivity mode can be improved, and that will add additional security to the applications.
- Hardware capability is crucial for developing applications. With robust hardware capability, it becomes easier to develop more secure apps.
- With IoT based application development process, developers have to follow strict license agreements. As a result, the application gains more security.
- Due to the Internet of Things, programming protocols are followed by the developers with perfection. As a result, the development process becomes secured. The end product will provide data security to the users.

Enterprise app development

Mobile applications are not just users by individuals. They are also used by various organizations or enterprises. With the implementation of the Internet of Things, enterprise application development becomes more simplified for developers. Enterprise app development projects are regarded as vast projects. To manage such vast projects, a collaborative environment is needed. With the Internet of Things, the collaborative environment can be obtained easily.

At the conclusion, it should be said that the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought revelation in the process of application development. Developing apps will become easier with IoT. Nevertheless, cost and time for app development can also be reduced.

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