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iOS10- Ten cool features to look forward to

We’re heading closer to the public release of iOS 10 in September 2016. Packed with a number of great features, iOS 10 is certainly going to be loved. Here are some of the cooler new features that will compel you to upgrade.

Lock Screen: Whatever information you might need from your phone, the new lock screen has it all. iOS 10 gives the lock screen a major upgrade and now instead of having a single latest notification you can have several widgets on your lock screen so that you can access all that’s important without even unlocking your phone and opening apps. Check weather, call your contacts right from screen or search anything.

Rise to wake: This new transformative feature, turning on the lock screen by just picking up your iPhone makes getting to notifications and apps quicker. But iOS 10 will only add the Raise to Wake feature to iOS devices with an M9 processor. Uptil now, the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE are the only devices that support the feature.

With all new features iMessage becomes more than a texting app: With iOS 10, iMessage becomes emojified - with supersized Emojis. Apart from this, Messages has a new emoji replacement tool for converting keywords into corresponding emojis. Among other cool updates, iMessages can now be sent with an animated background, like balloons, fireworks, etc. or they can be emphasized with a Bubble Effect. Another interesting feature added to iMessage will be the Invisible Ink that offers a surprise-like impact, with text that remains hidden until a finger is swiped across it - bye bye SnapChat. With iMessage, rich links will now work - in-line music and videos among others.

Apple Maps are way better: iOS 10 fixes the biggest complaint many of us have about Apple Maps - its inability to scroll ahead on a route. The new OS makes it easy to pan and zoom around the map with the new Apple Maps update and the navigation software also allows easy zoom in and out. iOS 10 also adds traffic on route feature to better compete with Google Maps.

Redesigned Apple music: Apple Music with iOS 10 is being redesigned for its 15 million paid subscribers. A much cleaner design, music suggestions and other improvements.

Home app: Apple's developer-focused HomeKit is coming with iOS 10. The new Homekit will connect all of your home-based IoT gadgets together into a simple interface. Siri acts as a shortcut to interact with your home accessories, and Control Center does too.

Voicemail transcription & VoIP: Another cool update for your phone app. Voicemails you receive on the iPhone can be transcribed for free in iOS 10 - your new superpower! Apple will also let you know when a phone call from a number you don't recognize might be spam. Apps that offer voice calling through the internet, like WhatsApp, can look like the native Phone app when you get an incoming call.

Forgot where you parked your car? Your phone will now automatically tell you exactly where you parked your car. The smarter iOS 10 will now remember your car's location anytime you stop at a place other than your home.

The Photos app takes care of your ‘Memories’: The Photos app has a new tab in it called "Memories," and it automatically gathers up some of your best moments from certain places and time periods. Memories is a pretty cool feature for looking back at key points in your life, especially if you have thousands of photos on your phone. If you click on one of the Memories, it takes you to a photo gallery, while also featuring an automatically-created video (with music) at the top.

Finally, you can delete many of the default apps from Apple: For years, iOS didn’t allow its built-in iOS apps like Stocks, Compass, Weather etc. to be deleted. With iOS 10, Apple has finally decided to end years of frustration by enabling us to essentially delete nearly every app that comes pre-installed on iOS.

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