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Impact of Augmented Reality Development platforms

Augmented reality platforms are capturing all over in almost all the sectors. It is an advanced form of technology that the world is experiencing today which is made possible through an immense development in technology. It has a great impact on business, in the medical field, entertainment industry, and so on…The list is endless as all are positively benefitting through the augmented reality development platforms which have behaved as the greatest achievement in the development of technology.

Here are a few points which highlights the impact of these augmented reality platforms.

·         Marketing- It has a great impact on the functioning of the business because of this augmented reality platform. It is a creative and unique way to get connected with the real world especially with their clients with the customers. Many are foreseen that they will make the best use of this AR technology while dealing with their customers in order to improve the chain of communication.

·         Increasing users -Even the common man is taking advantage of this AR technology. It has been observed that the number of users is increasing day by day. This will lead to a growth in business depending on a large number of users.

·         Social media- This AR technology is greatly influencing social media platforms. It was noticed a few years ago social media platforms have started working on this technology.  They are trying to include this in their social media apps. This is surely going to have an impact on business in the coming years.

·         Smartphones- This technology has almost positively influenced each and every dimension of our society. But because of the lack of this feature in smartphones, it is difficult to implement. But it is observed that they are incorporating this augmented technology feature in their smartphones which will prove beneficial in connecting with the consumers. Huge investments are undertaken by google for this technology.

·         Job opportunity for the AR professional – Due to this AR technology it is offering different job opportunities especially for the AR developers. Their demand has significantly increased and it is noticed that they are the one who reaps the highest salary in the IT industry. With the growth of this AR technology in the next coming years, there are high chances of the additional demand for these AR developers in the market.

·         AR is beating up the competition with VR -Both AR and VR have similarities. But AR is giving tough competition to VR which is virtual reality. AR is considered as the most acceptable and advanced technology than VR. You should assess your industry before making a selection of AR or VR. Note down the points that implementing which app will boost its industry to a great extent. Mention this in your plan after assessing the industry which you are serving.

·         Education sector- It has spellbound influence in the education sector. Apps are directly used in the classroom which is helping education a lot.

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