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Smart CMS : Know How AI makes Content Intelligent

The recent upswing in the mainstream machine learning efforts certainly has a wide-reaching impact on all facets of technology and businesses. They are filtering in almost every space possible. Any segment that underestimates the power and capabilities of this growing tech will lag behind for sure.

How is a Smart CMS adding value?

Though machine learning and Artificial intelligence have been here for a number of years, it is now impacting some real serious development. For content management systems, AI would be the next driving force. Let's find out how.

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Value Personalization with AI

Content Management System does a number of things and the reason is preferred is convenience. People are able to track, monitor their content from anywhere, no matter what system or OS they are using.

Artificial Intelligence helps businesses of all kinds to deliver individualized content, intelligent campaigns, and experience-driven commerce. AI-powered algorithms do work behind the scenes to interact with a brand and provide organizations with clues from the visitors they might be looking for. This comes really handy because then organizations get the ability to present the most optimal content at the moment. Meanwhile, the marketing team can dedicate their time to curating great content versus laboring how to use it for optimal performance.

AI is actually all about helping programs and devices to make informed decisions on the basis of the information inputted to them.  This clearly means if the Artificial Intelligence is incorporated to a CMS, it could actually adapt to use the patterns of its controllers.

For instance, if an organization wants to streamline all the content through a CMS, then a smart CMS with AI at hand can help the users and set things up for them beforehand.

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Intelligent Organisation

One of the most irritating problems that come along with CMS is their inability to organize and index content. They are not smart enough to people, places and other references mentioned in a document.

With an AI approach, the content systems will be able to manage and group stuff using a methodology known as “ text clustering”. Using a common machine learning techniques, content management systems can identify and extract meaning so that it could be employed in a larger context.

When AI would automatically tell content management systems what the documents exactly are, organizations do get a major productivity boost, cut down on errors and even increases user adoption.  Not only generalized content, Artificial Intelligence can even reduce risks in contracts and make routine auditing tasks a little less painful. Using smart automation in contracts, the risky contracts can be routed through a review process which in turn would improve the accuracy and efficiency of the audit process on a whole.

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Image Recognition and NLP

Sure we have seen CMS that do the job right when it comes to the automatic label of images, transcribing the audio or video. But we actually need more brainy CMS that makes the job of the content administrators even easier.

With the increased use of functionality like Artificial Intelligence and NLP, we will definitely see this in the smart CMS.

Imagining how easy it becomes when it comes to right media to fit in an article. Think how convenient it becomes when instead of having to search multiple sources for a stock image, the CMS was able to analyze content as it was typed and searched a media source that could be inserted with a single click.

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Search Optimization

Search is one space where Artificial Intelligence can show major amplification. The way a CMS makes the use of AI enables to improve your search capabilities and tries to benefit from the major technologies.

Smart search enables businesses to parse data in a more meaningful way and lets them understand and build a strategic approach to reach out to their end consumers.

Episerver, for instance, is a CMS solution, that individualizes the content for its end users. The smart solution personalized search, recommendations and content for every visitor and even captures the behavioral data for every visitor. The platform even offers a higher ROI, quicker conversions, and a better-improved lead generation.

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Building Conversational Systems

With smarter chat assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google in the presence and making huge noise in the market, content management is also shifting towards the same. A new use case of virtual assistant has recently made a debut in the content management segment.

Theatro, for instance, is powerful and intelligent voice-controlled mobile app platform which is a first-ever content management platform for voice. The platform smartly helps management to create voice messages and automate delivery to hourly workers in retail, hospitality, and manufacturing. The platform includes a source of voice messages that can use multiple times to target any mix of audiences with promotional messages and pre-recorded emergency protocols for a variety of scenarios.

Theatro ensures that any set of information is communicated across the enterprise that not only provides convenience but also is productive.

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Artificial Intelligence do have an immense potential when it comes to the way we do business. And when segments like content embrace these technologies the possibilities go endless. It is not hard to say that the future of content services will be smart and intelligent content analytics platforms and will atop the next technological investment in the organisations.

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