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IBM Watson and its Key Features

Numerous new technologies are emerging day by day that decreases human efforts and provides effective results. These technologies represent a major technology shift and are transforming business and society. IBM Watson is one of the emerging technological advancement in business. There are n numbers of a technology platform that are used by businesses in order to organize and structure the useful data. It is a technology platform that uses machine learning, AI, natural language processing etc. to get useful output from unstructured data.

In this blog, we will discuss IBM Watson, its features, and other related aspects.

What is IBM Watson?

In simple words, IBM Watson is a computer system that answers your questions. It is based on cognitive computing. Cognitive computing is a mixture of various techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, AI, reasoning etc. This supercomputer was named as IBM Watson in the name of IBM's first CEO sir Thomas J. Watson. With the help of IBM Watson, you can integrate the artificial intelligence into an important business process.

Most of the data in business are unstructured, written in paragraphs, spoken data etc. IBM Watson helps to arrange this unstructured data in a systematical order to produce meaningful information from it. The processing rate of IBM Watson is 80 teraflops to double the human's ability to answer the questions.

Watson has challenged two top-ranked players on a threat to show its abilities and IBM Watson has won the bet in 2011 over Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

Software Devices

IBM Watson uses DeepQA software and Apache UIMA framework. The operating system on which it runs is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and use Apache Hadoop to provide distributed computing.

Programming Languages

It is written in various programming languages such as Java, C++, and Prolog.


IBM Watson has a Power7 processor, it has 16 terabytes of RAM and uses 3.5 GHz POWER7 eight-core processor. It can process 500 GB per second that is equal to a million books.

Why Use Watson?

IBM Watson is a supercomputer that provides answers to your questions. It uses machine learning to answer your questions and will let you learn more with fewer data. Here are some reasons that why you should use IBM Watson.

Protect Your Insights: It will give you complete control over what's important to you. With the use of IBM Watson, you can maintain ownership of your data, protect your data insights and secure your IP address.

Reimagine Your Workflows: IBM Watson is trained by leading the experts to re-imagine your workflows in every field whether it is healthcare, education, finance, transportation or any other field. IBM Watson has a deep understanding of your business and industry and vast domain knowledge that provides you better and quicker decisions.

Learn More with Less Data: No matter whether your data is big or small, it is valuable to you and IBM understands the value of each data. IBM Watson can enrich a wide variety of data without any additional and unnecessary integration. It allows you to access data from broad resources with an ease.

IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson is also helpful in the healthcare industry. It is solving various major health challenges like cancer, oncology, drug discovery etc.

IBM Watson for Genomics: IBM Watson brings precision medicine to cancer patients. It interprets genetic testing results more accurate and faster than manual efforts.

IBM Watson for Drug Discovery: It helps the researchers to identify new indication for existing drugs. It develops a new treatment for the patients.

IBM Watson for Oncology: It brings confident decision making to oncology and provide care to patients after understanding millions of data. It focuses on spend less time on searching and more on caring for patients.

Features of IBM Watson

Following are some of the features of IBM Watson

Natural Language Dialogue: the prolonged communication between two or more participants using a natural language is known as natural language dialogue. This system has a wide range of language processing techniques to have efficient conversional partners. You need a desktop, web browser or a mobile app to engage your data and discover new insights and associations.

Simplified Analysis: IBM Watson helps to quickly understand what your data wants to convey to you by using automation. The automation does all the hard work so that you can spend less time in analyzing your data using new and unexpected insights to your business.

Automated Predictive Analytics: It is a service in which a data owner upload and build predictive or descriptive models with minimum data. IBM Watson provides you with automated predictive analysis service that automatically surfaces the driving outcomes.

Accessible Advanced Analytics: IBM Watson provides you with quick access towards your data. It connects to data without any complex data preparation. It removes the time-consuming tasks and complexities and backs your decision with the trusted data.

One-click Analysis: IBM Watson provides you one-click analysis and data recovery with the use of automatic visualizations. It senses data discovery in one click. You can also use automatic visuals in your dashboards. One click analysis helps you to get your data just in a single click.

Smart Data Discovery: You need a conversional interaction, automated insights and a comprehensive view of a smart data discovery solution. It helps you to gain a deep understanding of your data that is easy to use and analyze. You will get the most interesting patterns in IBM Watson for your database in your own words. Data is present everywhere but all you need to do is discover the data that is revealing to you.

Self-service Dashboards: this is another important feature of IBM Watson. This feature will help you to share your insights in a dashboard that you can easily build from the visualizations that you have saved during data discovery.

In addition to this IBM has update Watson with some more features discussed as under.

Speech to Text: It is also known as a speech recognition system. This feature can easily convert the audio or voice into written text for quick understanding.

Text to Speech: It is the opposite to speech to text. It converts written text into audio in a variety of languages and voice. It enables your system to speak like a human being.

Visual Recognition: This feature of IBM Watson allows you to analyze the visual content of images and videos using machine learning.

Concept Insight: It allows you to explore the content or concept behind your input deeper than traditional text matching. 

Trade-Off Analytics: This feature of IBM Watson helps businesses to make decisions by balancing multiple objectives. With the help of trade-off analytics, you can avoid unnecessary options and determine the right options from multiple objectives.

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