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How Video Content Can Help You Create a Brand Voice

How Video Content Can Help You Create a Brand Voice

They say the first impression makes lasting impressions. Brand voice is how you introduce yourself to your potential customers. It will give them an opinion of your brand. All you have are the first 10 seconds—that is where you must score. If you cannot impact in those seconds that matter so much, they will move on to some other brand and may never return to yours.

Your brand voice reflects your offer. It could be a product, service, technology, or price—without a sales pitch. It showcases your brand personality and core values to form an identity for your brand in the digital space. You can project a functional and expressive or simple, concise or bold voice. Whatever you choose, make it look genuine for maximum appeal.

Here is a blog to help you create a brand voice with video content.

What is a Brand Voice?

When you meet people for the first time, and you want to make an impression on them, you will tell them those things to give them an excellent opinion of you. Depending on what you say, they will decide to stay connected or breakaway.  

That is what your brand voice is to your audience, an invitation to connect by conveying the brand message.— a blend of your brand expression and tangible visuals to picture your brand identity. The description of your brand should precisely reflect your brand. Use words effectively to shape the perception of your brand in the mind of your audience. It is not enough for them to know how your brand looks— yes, visuals are not enough. A definition to match its looks speaks volumes about your brand. It must have a concise and clear tone of voice.

Create your Brand Voice

To develop your brand voice, you must first conduct an in-depth analysis of your brand to know what the customer wants. Know your brand and the customer experience while using it. Plan the core values you want to impart to them. Also, address the plus points of your brand that will help you stand out in their mind. Make it easy by creating a customer persona.

Create a Customer Persona

Remember, buyers are real people who can think and decide for themselves. The data you collect should be demographic and contain age, location, income, needs, pain points, spending style, and lifestyle. It will help you to assess their behavior and purchase triggers. Here are pointers to create a customer persona:

  1. Get the information directly from the customer through the interview, surveys, comments on your posts, and from their purchase decisions.
  2. Work to build a customer base through research by directly talking to them to get more details.
  3. Ask the question that will get them to talk to extract information about their likes and dislikes.
  4. Encourage your customer to send feedback. 

The insight from the feedback will tell you where and how to begin building the customer persona. 

Develop a Brand Voice

Use the customer response to develop your brand identity. That will help you to build your voice. Choose one to suit your business. It should also help the audience to connect with your brand. Once you have found the voice and its tone to be consistent, use it in all your communications with your audience. The consistency that you showcase will work to increase your revenue. Persistence and consistency of tone and voice will help your audience recognize your brand. That will help you garner brand loyalty and increase your sales volume.  

Video Content Aids Brand Voice Creation

The creation and display of stunning videos can promote your brand voice like no other medium. It offers both brand expressions with tangible visuals to make it functional and engaging. Offer viewers a closer look at your brand by using different video formats. That is what will attract and hold the viewer's attention.

Craft Quality Video to Promote Your Brand Voice

The thing to remember here is that quality, stunning videos are available in plenty on various platforms. Use any easy online video editor to create and edit quality videos to hit the mark. You find several blogs to guide you about the requirements of platforms for video content. You can get insights about the formats and quality preferences from them. But to create a video to promote your brand voice, you must think beyond pixels. Make videos that captivate you, those you want to watch multiple times, and those you will remember. Those will work the same way with the audience too.

Use Existing Platform for a Wider Reach

Currently, video embedded banner ads are increasingly popular. Widen your reach by choosing to upload your brand video ad on an existing platform showcasing videos. Users seamlessly watch video content and the ads which show in between the video on social media platforms. You have a better chance of them interacting with you. You can also use the ad platform on social media networks to make it easier for viewers to find it. 

Live Streaming to Promote Brand Voice  

People love to watch live streams because they can watch it as it happens and the videos. You can not rehearse or edit them. And that is why the audience finds it attractive. It gives your brand genuineness and draws better customer engagement. They also are most helpful for sale conversion to convert views to sales. Many platforms offer you a live streaming facility. Conduct in-depth research to find the best platform to promote your brand voice. If you do not know what to do or say during the live stream, here is what you can do. You can discuss your brand, and answer the question, audience posts in the comments.


The success of your brand is proportional to your success in developing your brand voice. The most effective way of doing it is with top-quality video content. Use the tips in this article to help your audience recognize your brand voice and connect with it. Make it more appealing to the audience by telling them a story.

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