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How To Build Python Apps In 2021

Most people while seeking for mobile app development services today will find extensive utilization of Python programming language. Thinking why? This is because it is a general purpose language that is mainly employed for Application Programming Interface development for applications. Within the realm of mobile app development, this programming language is now receiving rapid acceptance. So it is one of those exciting languages that you need to keep a watch on 2021.

In this blog post, we will talk about how to create python apps that will widely be sought after in 2021.

Get to Know Kivy

With such advanced technologies, not only can you use Python to make apps but develop Android apps as well. This is possible due to Python’s open source library & multi-touch app software which is Kivy. You will definitely find the utilization of this software while seeking mobile app development services. Kivy not just supports Android but the apps can be operated on Linux, Windows, iOS, OS X, etc.

Set the Environment

The applications written in Python call for setting up of new environments.

  • Isolating the custom codes becomes easier with this. Also, deploying the app on all platforms becomes more convenient.
  • There are manifold versions of various libraries that you can maintain by setting up a fresh environment.
  • Crafting & managing environments seamlessly is possible with package managers.

In case you utilize Conda, you can open the Conda terminal & type:

  • conda create -n name-of-env python=version

Use your custom name & version to substitute the ‘name-of-env’. The version needs to be more than 3.5. You can list every Conda environment by typing:

  • conda info --envs

Now validate the environment by typing:

  • conda activate nameofenv

It is now time to install the needed libraries. As it is Python application development in question, you can use pip for managing the Python packages. This following command one after the other will help you in installing Kivy:

  • pip install kivy
    pip install kivy-deps.angle
    pip install kivy-deps.glew
    pip install kivy-deps.gstreamer
    pip install kivy-deps.sdl2

Programs Made With Code

Professionals who aim to build an app in this language can use Pycharm IDE for the purpose of coding. However, Spyder or VSCode is the one for you if you are a beginner and want to know how to make an app with Python. Making the most out of expert mobile app development services is also important for starting on the correct track. Some points that you need to understand are:

  • Android applications carry a front-end UX/UI where the user interrelates with your app. Every input is put forward through this layer.
  • Then the backend layer receives the inputs which is actually the Python code. Starting from flow control, output processing; this layer controls everything.

Learn Python App Development by Building Projects

Learning Python for app development is a bid intimidating at first but once you learn it, a billion dollar industry awaits you. A lot of syntax learning at once will make you lose motivation. Some of the best ways of learning is through building projects. Let us learn how.

  • Efficiency – When you follow project-based learning for Python app development, the gap between grasping the skills & actually using them becomes less. There will be no wastage of time in learning immaterial things. You must try to grasp Python app development for data science by developing data science projects. For instance, you do not need to put much time into learning Python concepts. Such concepts might be beneficial for robotics programming but not applicable for data science objectives.
  • Portfolio – While learning when you start building apps with Python, it will help you in getting the first job. Employees always look for key skills in candidates when they are hiring entry-level employees. Attaining this is easier with a portfolio of applicable projects that actually define your skills.

Why to use Python for Application Development?

Firstly when you want to start creating apps with Python, you must know why you must choose this programming language. The reasons are as follows:

  • Easily comprehensible Python coding – Developers who make an app with Python always feel expedient because of the language’s syntax. A large portion of mobile app development services include the extensive utilization of Python. Developers can easily express the concepts with the easy syntax rules without the need for writing any additional code. Even if things are complex, Python makes it easier.
  • Compatibility – One of the most important perks of building apps with Python is that it supports various OS systems like iOS, Windows & Android. Developers also utilize Python interpreters for utilizing & running codes across various platforms & tools. By this, they can easily run the modified application code without the requirement for recompilation.

Which Applications Can You Develop Using Python?

In the context of app development with Python, it is vital to learn the type of apps this language can help create:

  • Command-line apps – Command line apps are computer programs that do not carry graphical user edges. Python is suitable for these apps due to the REPL or Read-Eval-Print-Loop attribute. This helps developers in assessing the language & discovers new possibilities.
  • Game apps – Popular games like Battlefield 2 & EVE online, all offer credit to nothing but Python for the amazing graphics & functionality. Developers while creating game applications can craft fast game Pygame & prototype. They can easily use Python for testing those in real-time. Python largely helps in tasks like creating level designing & dialog trees.


Developers or entrepreneurs nowadays want to build an app with Python as this language is flexible & fast. Python’s coding involves a lot of versatility which is why you can craft varied kinds of apps with this. As new innovations beautify the realm of mobile app development with each passing day, Python becomes even more popular. In rendering mobile app development services, the professional teams can hand over astonishing GUI apps with the help of Python.

If you are seeking aesthetically enjoyable mobile applications with amazing graphics, connect with us. Our expert team of Python developers with their pioneering apps can help you attain more revenue. Give us a call today.

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