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How to Build a money making app

1 Million apps on the app store

How to build an app which cuts through these and make it successful. If you are not doing it yourself, hire an experienced iOS developer who has built a million dollar app before.

Need some inspiration? We have built apps which have generated more than a million dollars in revenue

How to develop a million dollar app

iOS has been a great success for developers as well as consumers. Here we tell you how to cut through the clutter and make an app which generates revenue

Some common section headers include:

Step 1: Getting Started

Find out your target audience

Step 2: Do Your Background Research on…

Research if similar apps are there. Find out how will you differentiate your app

Step 3: First Steps for…

Find the niche, contact a great developer, or upgrade your skills if you are doing it yourself

Step 4: Analyze and Repeat

Build the app, providing well thought out and detailed inputs

Step 5: Wrapping Up

  • Get the app tested, initially by family and friends, later by actual users
  • Incorporate that feedback
  • Release the app and then ask users for feedback
  • Rework the app till you gain traction
  • Hope to get into top 50 in app store. Yipee!!


Building a successfull app is part science and part art. Make sure you hire a good team of designers and developers. Test, Test and Test again. Iterate. Success doesnt come around the first time. Learn from experiences. If your app does well, then plan for follow on apps, as you already have an installed base.

All the best for the next Multi Million app!

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