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How New Gen Tech in Travel is Resulting in Dramatic Innovation?

How New Gen Tech in Travel is Resulting in Dramatic Innovation?

There is no doubt that the world has changed drastically. Things that pleased customer 10 years ago are not at all alluring to them. The new technologies and the Internet has managed to transform the behavior of a consumer. This has influenced the travel sector that has tremendously advanced in digital technologies.

There is a simple explanation about the changes in the behavior of a consumer:

  • Clients are demanding for imminence assistance that is extremely new in the traveling
  • A customer aims for a smooth experience while interacting with travel agencies from any source – emails, messaging applications, etc.
  • Customers value the personalized service or content provided to them instead of machinery chats.

So many demands and only one thing to blame to increase the expectation, changes and demand of a customer – Technology.

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4 Major Tech Innovations in Travel:

1. Drones:

It might be strange for a few people to read the thing that is not even that developed. But the important thing is that it is the future (at some point, present) of travel that holds the power to change the outlook of people. There are so many travelers around the world and all you see on social networking sites are their pictures.

The fact remains the same, people travel and share their experience, ideas, and pictures as blogs and vlogs. In the last few years, grade drone with cameras has reached the new heights. Especially, travel fanatic is using this tech advancement to capture the beauty of a bird flies and even environment around them. It allows them to see a massive view and awe-inspiring images

This thing is capturing the heart of thousands of people that are now easing up to the idea of traveling. The travelers are setting travel goals with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles of hobbyists. These drones allow them to capture the beauty which is not possible with their smartphones and cameras. Yes, social media is a key source to achieve this bandwagon effect.

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2. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

These are said to be revolutionary in the field of technology. The robots are actually working at the airports and dealing with the customers in an efficient way. The first set of customer service robot was launched at Geneva Airport in 2013. And then there were launched at different places.

Another robot was launched at Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, whose work was to guide the passengers to the departure gate. The robot was built to recognize several of emotions, respond to the unforeseen situation and considering crowd behavior. This managed to offer a new generation service to the customers and passenger to improve their traveling experience.

On an average, there are so many people that miss their flights due to the problem in finding their way to an airport, an unexpected delay or language barrier. However, these things can be improved with the help of robotic technology. Whereas AI is widely used to improve the experience of passengers and operations.

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3. Augmented Reality

AR is a technology that is slowly but steadily taking over the world. It allows the smooth overlay of computer graphics to the real world that allows us to add a different perception and information of the reality. If we take it in terms of the travel and tourism sector than the reliability and use of AI is so vast that it can’t be ignored in the future.

AR is taking the travel world towards revolution to improve the experience of a traveler while making travel plans. It has made planning smooth, simple and interactive that allows the traveler to get an in-hand knowledge on places to visit. AR had made it possible to layer digital augmentation over a real-life set-up.

For the travel world, AR holds a lot of potentials to increase the experience of a traveler to a whole different world. There are so many digital contents that are superimposed on devices such as video, animations, 3D, images, audio, indicators, signals and charts. It is dependent on specific parameters such as a trigger, person, location, time and cloud-based infrastructure.

There is an AR application that is used for travel that helps in generating handheld devices. You can say that AR holds the future of travel world and bringing in the new opportunities giving escalation to new business concepts. It has also increased the revenue streams of the travel companies.

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4. Wearable Technologies

There is an immense hype in the wearable technology. Smart watches can perform different functions and are providing different features to a user such as reservation information, gate location, boarding passes, and weather. There is an application that can easily scan the boarding pass.

There is an electronic barcode that is used at the checkpoints of an airport to get the scan done. It is widely used now to board a flight. The wearable devices are even capable to get automatic updates such as delay of flight and the location of an entry or exit gate.

This is a great replacement of the paper moving towards the paperless world. However, there are still few challenges that need to be sorted out such as hefty price tags and small screens for the travelers. These challenges need to be eliminated especially when it is an appealing tech for a customer.

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There was a time when technology was just kick-starting for travelers. Slowly, they developed and offered a GPS system that prevented them to get lost in a new location. Satellite navigation, smartphones, and geo-locations have made things universal making things spontaneous. TechTravel has made travelers more confident with their traveling plans and opening them to Providence.

Innovation and technology have affected the way people travel in a lot more way than expected. And it is going to continue doing so in the future. With the speed industries are manufacturing and developing more of technology advancement for travel, the time is not far away when the journey will be completely digitalized. The main purpose is to improve the travel experience of the customers by incorporating more technologies.

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