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How much UI/UX should web designers know about?

UI and UX

Making a career option in software developing can be a difficult task. Juggling between all these codes is not a cakewalk, also not as easy as it seems. UI and UX designing can be a frustrating matter because most of the people widely believe that both these have similar concepts. Although these tools are minutely related to each other they are to completely different fields. Knowledge of UI doesn’t proportionally mean the perfect hands in UX also, like a designer who is top-notch in UX may have a hard time in UI. These are like two different faces of the coin which may work together or used together.  Although the aspect of designing may overlap but these are seen in a distinguished manner.

Although these two terms are used in a parallel manner these are not interchangeable with each other, web designing is a complicated process no doubt! But one must know what kind of knowledge and interest a programmer or a designer or a developer should hold to successfully use UI and UX. Before understanding the extent and knowledge required let us look quickly at a glance over the difference between these two.

What are UI and UX?

In simple basic terms UI stands for user interface, it is anything within the environment that user interacts with on your website or the application or either of any digital device. This means anything or everything you see on your laptop, computer screen or mobile device and interact with comes under user interference. Interaction here means using the control buttons, changing the mode of website or application over any device. User interference includes visual expect also that signifies the look of a digital process of a product and how it will function. This may include color font sizes, alphabetical choice, icon placement and even the background choice of white.

This kind of interactions is typically used while designing a website. The UI is something user always notice when on the application or device. Appropriate implementation of user interference makes the use of website or app more efficient while if the information present over the app is not adequate user interference surely need improvements.

The UX on the other hand used for user experience and simply means the experience of the user while using an app or the website. This represents the overall experience of the user with the specific product that may include website or application both. Not only this it also extends further to a specific product of the company or services have they provided. A UX designer is different in its approach from UI designer as most of the user experience designer works behind the walls. They work along with the backend team behind the scene and conduct user researchers to develop strategies of the webpages and create wireframes of the application.

The focus of user experience designer is more on the customer experience and satisfaction so that the user feel satisfied and confident while using the product and moreover any problem faced or issued by them can be solved within a given trying to frame.

Now after understanding the difference between both these let us see how much user interference and user experience knowledge should a web developer has to excel in developing an appropriate hassle-free website or application.

How much should a developer know?

Before understanding the parameter of knowledge one requires we have to appreciate the fact that both web designing and developing are two different fields.

There are a lot of basic skills and terminology which are inculcated in the complicated procedural understanding of web designing. Basic knowledge of all dimensions surely benefits the web developer as it is helpful to understand the meaning and relate to the acronyms which are used related to user interference and user experience. If you understand the concepts of these two you can get a better picture and why the website is designed this way this also improved the Corporation as well as Inter team communication within the organization’s ecosystem.

Another thing that a web developer can be benefited by having a knowledge of the user interference and user experience is by knowing and exploring the use of various tools that are used. The concepts of these two can get you a better picture and why the website is designed this way this also improved the Corporation as well as internal team communication within the organization‘s ecosystem. This enhanced the wrong module and confidence of the client within you.

Having a basic understanding and application knowledge of some design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator etc helps the web developer save a lot of time. Instead of having repeated issues and conversation regarding images, color, fonts, and pop pop into the design file he can do it on his own. Amazing it would be if a web developer can get all the information himself rather than waiting for the designer to have time for help. All in one and one for all we can say that learning regarding user interference and user experience for a web developer even at the basic level might not seem hundred percent necessary but it may not hurt as it will enhance your working efficiency.

Even many organizations have now abandoned the idea of waterfall methods of building in designing software that was used before and most of the user experience designer is accustomed to. Even for agile, the similar holds true. So with increase overlapping within the organization the designer and developers both have no choice but to work in an environment which re-present thorough challenges. However, with the agile environment designer are forced to conduct researches and brace up to the new environment as soon as possible.

Do you need it?

Developers who understand and know the applications and principles of UI and UX surely implicates these while the development of suitable websites or applications. This comes as a reward for a better appraisal, perks or salary when a web developer at least knows entry-level UI or U X designing.

Web developer has much on his shoulders and has to perform more than just code generating employee. They must possess these qualities and knowledge that transforms a reasonable coder into a wonderful developer, moreover, these knowledge are not exhaustive and one must ensure they only help to enhance the work efficiency. With more and more overlapping of the working culture, people are becoming interested in one another collateral departments exposure from front-end only help to gain exposure and overall development which improve the skills necessary to drive in the competitive market.

User interference and user experience developing are closely related and based on each other and binding them in a thread is the work of a web developer. With an interchangeable attitude of organization, it is no more important which field is handled by which individual moreover it becomes crucial how a task is a handle by various fields for better completion of the project. In such scenario knowledge of multidimensional skills attracts better rewards and outcomes in terms of future opportunities. Designers having knowledge of UI and UX term themselves as a complete package even if a basic knowledge is rendered by them.

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