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How mobile industry will be changing in 2020

Mobile technology trends

Technology is evolving at an intense speed. And the mobile device industry is no stranger to it. The technology disruption in the industry is causing revolutionary reforms. The things that once seemed impossible are ruling the trend. The developments pertaining to the mobile industry are growing by leaps and bounds. As revealed by statistics, currently, there are around 5 billion mobile device users and 9.2 billion mobile connections across the globe. Moreover, the number of people resorting to online activities such as shopping and banking is on a steep rise and is expected to grow only. However, this increase in mobile activities is also leading to raise opportunities for hackers to target mobile applications and end-points. Thus, as we look ahead to the 2020s there are several mobile megatrends that will rule the decade. Well, some trends happen to accelerate while some may not.

So, to know what these upcoming trends and predictions are and how they will impact the mobile industry let’s read below.

5G connectivity

5G has already got a start but the year 2020 is going to mark its official launch. This can be stipulated based on the fact that major carriers are heading to roll out the 5G network in 2020. Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon has stated to provide access to a 5G network to 50 percent of the US population in 2020. Moreover, smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and Apple have already released 5G compatible models. Even other mobile vendors are expected to enter the 5G arena with an increase in carrier deployment in 2020.

AR and VR accessories

VR and AR technologies will remain a niche in 2020. These technologies will become an essential part of smartphones. Apple has already started to roll out an AR headset and other hardware products. It is also believed that AR glasses will be provided as an iPhone accessory. Furthermore, VR will play a prominent role in the training and marketing arena. 

Digital ad growth

With the increase in mobile phone usage more and more companies are considering opting for mobile advertising. This advertising model has huge potential in converting sales. They increase the overall traffic to online as well as offline stores. Considering this, digital ads are gaining traction. By the year 2020, Mobile advertising is expected to reach €26.1 billion which amounts to 80 percent growth in the digital ads.

Huge growth in app-based platforms

The trend of using the online application is accelerating insanely. The comfort and reliance that these apps provide are widely appreciated by the masses. Especially for payments apps, the rise in the online purchase is leading to spontaneous growth which is expected to rise rapidly throughout the year 2020. However, it is welcoming news for the global economy but it serves as an opportunity for hackers to seek an advantage by invading through the mobile applications and devices that have weak security controls. 

More IoT based applications

With mobile-based IoT devices providing significant revenue to mobile operators the technology is supposed to bloom more vigorously in 2020. More such applications may see a launch. Connected vehicles are expected to rise significantly from the stipulated $43 billion in 2019. Furthermore, from an estimated 26.66 billion, the IoT devices are predicted to surpass 38 billion by the end of 2020. 

Rise in Visual Search

With Pinterest’s efforts already taking the mainstream attention the trend of visual search is expected to increase by manifolds in 2020. Moreover, with intelligent technologies seeking entry into the arena the search landscape is going to witness a drastic change. IN the new decade consumers may find themselves more convinced with visual search. However, this would be more relevant in the fashion and décor industries. Furthermore, the upcoming developments in this search method may make the visual search a key element for driving consumer engagement.

Rise in audio advertising

The cost-effectiveness of mobile devices is leading to the growth of podcasts which is further supplementing to the increased significance of audio advertising. This is a new big thing in the advertising industry. By the year 2020 podcast industry is expected to reach $20 billion, thereby making it clearly evident that audio advertising is the next major trend. 

Stringent privacy regulations

Security, authentication, and privacy will remain the prominent topics of discussion in 2020. New laws and regulations may come up. Authentication technology may evolve as 2FA. And the existing authentication methods using soft tokens and Yubikeys may expand. Additionally, new authentication methods under device OEMs and GSMA Mobile Connect technology will come up with improved provisions. Also, the logins through social networks may see a steep downfall. 

Thus, it can be expected that in 2020 more transparency may come to users. They will be able to use a permission-based mobile ecosystem. 

Abundance of malicious fake apps

An increase in mobile devices may elevate the risk of fake and malicious apps. Last year alone around 65, 000 fake apps were reported, and this is likely to further increase in 2020. This may become a very common issue. Therefore, consumers need to be more aware when downloading new apps.

New battery technology

The standard technology used in smartphones may soon face competition in 2020. The traditional lithium-ion batteries may have their new and more robust alternatives. It is expected that the electronics giant, Samsung is set to launch a smartphone featuring graphene battery technology. This new battery technology will boast higher charging speed, almost charging to full within half-hour duration.

Foldable android devices

It is no surprise that in 2020 foldable android devices would have much bigger traction. This foldable device movement may accelerate the developments in the area and as a result, more such new concepts are awaited to be released. Thus, with foldable device movement consumers will be elated to find new technology features at a more affordable price.

Mobile to drive business transformation

Undoubtedly, mobiles have shifted the power from organizations to consumers. Consumers’ choices have rapidly changed over the duration. Therefore, to adjust these changes and consumer expectations organizations have to switch to new processes and evolve their culture. The enterprise needs to be more adaptive to fit these changes.


Consumers can expect some prominent actions from major players in the mobile industry such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. Additionally, the vendors may find themselves battling with new reformations and increased consumer expectations. And when it comes to security, then it is likely to increase as a comparison to the last decade. As per statistics, 80 percent of organizations were reported to be at risk of mobile security threats and 69 percent of organizations claimed that these risks grew in last year.

Well, there is a lot more to see for the mobile industry. There are several trends in the industry that mobile companies need to watch for. Furthermore, consumers may also become more expectant with the debut of newer methods. They may demand more in terms of service and features. 

Therefore, to face the upcoming fierce competition in 2020 mobile brands need to be all prepared. Also, consumers need to be ready for embracing new ways of communication and information sharing.

Hence, the decade is going to be more exciting for growing mobile technologies.

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