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How life has changed with Machine Learning

How life has changed with Machine Learning

machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the sailors of the new technology-driven business world, in spite of being the fact that word artificial intelligence or machine learning bring series of sci-fi robotic movies in front of many people, but these two are becoming part of our day to activities without our much notice. They influence every sector of our healthcare, logistic industries and many more. Involvement of machine learning is changing the cognitive ability and enhancing the work efficiency, this revolutionaries the industries and various sectors. Machine learning is affecting minute things in making our life easier and convenient, let us see how machine learning is deeply involved in our whole living system so that we can appreciate how impactful its absence could be.

Automatic cars and autopilots

Ever heard of the flight management system which is the combination of GPS and motion sensors along with computer system, also known as transportation automation system which tracks the position during the flight, this system also unable signal tracking of the plane and reduce the time taken to takeoff or landing of the flight if done manually.

Now come to self-driven or automatic gear and suspensions cars, in a recent study it was found that artificially driven cars have surpassed the human-driven cars in terms of safety. This allows smooth flowing even in the complicated road conditions like traffic, navigations, etc.

Reaching from one place to another was never this easy

Navigating location is much easier now, Google maps are used extensively which can easily source the location and its data directly to your smartphone, also it can show you the traffic and best route by comparing the location of the device from one area to another. In no time you can assess the slow traffic, accidents construction works, rally and many more hurdle between you and your location.

Real-time use of visual and sensor data and output( which are the basic fundamentals of machine learning) helps in taking the decision of possible next actions which is sometimes taken in less than a split of a second compared to trainer car drivers. Hence we can say that automation transportation is the new prime time changes that industry going to have.

Influencing the sustainability

Machine learning has allowed assessing the data like never before, from far remote areas to mountains difficult to climb and data from volcanoes and oceans are being collected and studied all because of artificial intelligence. This all are useful for the statistical studies for further policies development, a collection of such would have never been possible by humans alone.

Analysis of the environmental data from a thousand of the sensors which source back the accurate weather conditions and forecast leads to environmental innovations with a smart thermostat to fight disturbed weather conditions in many countries. Information gathered allows us to make carbon prints and decide renewable energy utilization as well as sustainable energy development.

Better health services

Like humans are evolving so is the healthcare system, many hospitals are introducing machine learning to treat and moreover assist and aid their patients in many intractable issues. Adoption of enhanced technological experience scales up the patient experience to the global standards. Highly performing graphical processing units are helping doctors to study the data representation of many diseases and find a solution for them, like a genetic disease. New interventions along with machine learning processes are providing faster and innovative ways to prevent diseases which are more cost effective and safe. Inventions of new drugs, learning about the side effects assisting robots in the surgery are not history now but all true.

In the banking sector

Fraud and scams are all around us, in such cases bank use anomaly detection models. This help banks and credit card users identify foul behavior by tracking down credit transactions. Thousands of people have bank accounts and so is the number of debit and credit card users, this turns up to millions and millions of transactions done every day all across the globe.

Use of models like anomaly detection easily spots the suspicious activity and sends letters to the bank. Confirmation messages on your online merchandise purchases as well as the one-time password generation are the part of this system, as well as going to plastic money on dining out at your favorite restaurant. This is how various industries are using the power of the internet and converting it into an integrated part of every sector.

Digital Media

Massive potential of machine learning in the personalized entertainment industry has found its place in every home. Endless utilization of the data by streaming online as well as offline mode also allows companies to explore the habit and pattern of the customer demand and help in service connection between companies and industrial consumers and further recommendations. The endless list of home-based streaming channels like Netflix, prime videos, Spotify and Google play are examples of how machine learning has eliminated old days of poor internet services and buffering of ideas.

Alexa can create music library by looking into the past taste and pattern of your music choices, youtube and Facebook can give you recommendations, this is the beauty of artificial intelligence affecting our leisure time.

Natural language processing is helping writers to explore writing trends and decrease in the production and finishing time period, machine intelligence technology and artificial intelligence in combination with each other is allowing users to explore their creativity by using different writing platform applications.

Security systems

Use of facial recognition software and alarm system is an integral part of a machine learning system that built an analog catalog protocol to detect uninvited person instantly, this is the new generation of the security system and alarms. This also provides autonomous emergency services along with the procedure that allows you to inbuilt emergency contact numbers. These security systems come with features that enable you to track your daily activity as well as of the family member. Along with other fantastic feature it can be easily functioned and commanded through your Smartphone.

Even though the presence of artificial intelligence and machine learning has been since the development of a computer, the changes had been continuously updating in nature along with technology advancement and the same trend will follow in 2019 also. With more advancement, these will continue to grow and influence the way we do and perform things in every finest of the detail. In the end, these technologies development make it possible for humans and machine to learn how to learn in a better way for the progressive development of the human race.

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