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How is Immersive Tech being employed in Organizations

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has merged so firmly with everyone’s life that slowly it has taken over the business world as well. The most exciting development in the field of AR is the mainstream. It will spark your imagination world in a way that you won’t be able to hold yourself. However, there are various forms of VR that will click your mind on hearing the term Augmented or Mixed Reality.

How AR and VR Concepts are being used in an Organisation?

AR is not just used as a mode of entertainment for the people anymore. It has spread out its root in the business world and has taken over the domain with fire. The business owners were able to imagine the AR advantages to increase productivity. However, there are many developers that are trying to convert the vision into a reality to launch them in the market.

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Before proceeding, you need to understand that AR is new to the business field but still have managed to put a big footprint in the field. However, there are many concepts that are being prepared for the business world that can change the face or outlook of the industries.

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1. Employee Remote Training

As we are aware that the world is moving at a fast pace towards the remote and internet working era (we are literally living in it). Now companies are not dependent on the infrastructure or a specific location. There is no need for an employee to visit the office or be in the same city or even report to the infrastructure. It has enhanced the rate of production of the company and satisfaction of an employee.

Not only this, but it helps with the training too. On an average, a company invests $1,200 on just the training for a single employee that might not even work with them for a long time. However, with the help of AR, it is easy to provide training to an employee with reduced cost. It will increase the rate of efficiency of the training too. The best thing that instead of training a single person, a single instructor will train a whole class with the students sitting in a different region of the world.

You don’t have to be in the vicinity area to teach and it is more engaging than a video conference or voice call. It is even possible to use stimulation and training courses with the help of AR. It is a much better way to teach an employee about the complex processes through machinery or dealing with an unexpected situation and provide a much better physical experience.

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2. Mixed Reality Data Organisation

Technology is a mode to convert a vision into a reality. William Gibson with many cyberpunks writers predicted the art of science, Modern internet, after the launch of a computer network. The StarTrek handheld communication device was the reason behind the cellphone are used today (and let’s not forget about the flip-flop phones). However, floating user interface is one of the media that is widely popular due to media but is yet to be developed. Well, we all are aware of the Iron Man suit design and Tony stark repair techniques. That data can be manipulative with the instinctive motion of hands for the better results.

However, not everyone will have the access to such augmented science due to the price or space. Well, those people can it as the VR is bringing the second best thing like reality headsets. Through VR it is possible that an employee will be teleported to the work environment (virtually). The world will be full of charts, data and images to monitor and manipulate as per their wish. It is possible that AR will even incorporate the handwritten features, physical objects, and printed documents.

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3. Communication And Collaboration

As mentioned above, VR is independent of the geographical aspect of the business. The similar features that are used for the employee training can also be used for the collaboration process. It simply means that VR makes it possible for the team members that reside in a different location can meet up in a virtual conference room to discuss the strategy. You can gesture, point out and use your body language as a mode of communication.

Well, it is not limited to a conference room, if you want a meeting to be held near Eiffel tower then be it. It is known as a virtual environment which helps you to focus on the other member, provide the welcoming warmth and set the working mood straight. This doesn’t mean that an individual worker can’t take advantage of this process. It is a way in which the workplace is moving away from the noise and in the calm and energetic environment as per your wish.

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4. Virtual Desktop

AR concept has been incorporated in any field and industry. However, the best use of this field is in the Virtual Desktop. The application is used by the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in the similar way as it is named. It only requires a head-mounted display. Once you slip into it, you will be able to see the Window desktop version floating in front of you. This system is able to provide support to Video streaming, web browsers and multiple software including Microsoft Office.

The most important feature of this technology is the zoom option that allows a user to stretch the desktop as per their wish (which can be infinity). It is amazing to see the resizing of the window applications that is far from reality. This is the best solution for a person that wants some space for their desktop.

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5. Google Translator

In 2015, the world’s top searching engine and an incredibly powerful translator, Google and Word Lens comes together in order to develop the most stunning and widely used application with the help of AR concepts – Google Translator. This application is free for the Android and IOS users and works like you are in a dream world. You can translate the text just be using a camera phone on your smartphone.

There are simply so many uses of this single application for the business world as well. Simply take the phone over the Japanese file and your screen will display the translated word in English or in any language. It supports 29 different languages that will work in real-time and if you use still photos then 37 languages.

6. Live View Rift

LiveViewRift is available for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. It works as a media player that can easily locate the images, video files and video streaming sides that you can view with the device that will be mounted on your head. It is also known as a head-mounted display. There are different algorithms used by the LiveViewRift including field-of-view correction and distortion. It allows fitting the 2-dimensional data in the 3D environment.

LiveViewRift offers different features for the business productivity and training purpose. You can easily stream the data from any of the camera supporting network by using different protocols. This technology is widely used for the workshops, training sessions and seminars on different levels.

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Companies Using Immersive Technology

There are many companies that are already using the concept of AR for their daily production. Here is a list of some renowned companies.

  • Ford is the world famous brand. The engineering and designing team of Ford are dependent on AR. They use it to test different elements of the car that can actually save them a lot of money. Apart from this, Audi is also using the AR by providing the customer multiple like customizing and configuring the vehicle as per their requirement.
  • Marriott has developed a virtual phone booth with the property of temperature control. This allows the public or customer to simply wear the headset and visit London and Hawaii estates of the same.
  • Airbus is also using the AR technology to have the demo session for the customers. It also has a patent helmet that will be used for the entertainment purpose by the customers.

With the above concepts, it is clear that there will be more of AR in the coming future. It is simply booming with the expansion of technology and the time is not far away when AR will increase the productivity of the business to the top notch.

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