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How is Big Data disrupting the Gaming Industry?

Big Data has become a very essential part of the online gaming industry. In 2017, the gaming industry managed to generate revenue around $40.6 billion globally only on mobile devices. It is predicted that in the coming five years, the electronics industry will only boom. The main reason for the explosion of the gaming industry is Big Data. It is used in many industries for a few years now but now is a time when people are actually understanding its capabilities for optimization and monetization. They are putting them to use in order to make them fruitful.

How does Big Data affect the Gaming Industry?

Even the big companies are aware of the value of data aggregation and are now a step ahead in acquiring the gaming industry. The companies realize the importance of Big Data for the long-run and data-forwards in order to mime and completely apprehend user behavior. In addition to this, Big Data companies are also seeing their future in the gaming sector and are developing different platforms that can cater to the market demand.

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Often, small developers don’t compete for the significant platform due to limited budget with them. Also, they can’t afford data scientists that can analyse the metrics that are collected by them for future endeavours. However, there are few that are considering the compliments of Reality Games with the increase in demand.

  • Approximately 2 million total games which means that 50 Tb of data per day.
  • Multiplayer titles AAA means that 1 Tb of data in a data from telemetry in-game.
  • Social media games mean in a data 150 Tb of data.
  • In a month, 2.5 billion sessions are hosted by EA that means 50 billion total minutes of a gameplay.Also Read: 8 Steps: Your guide to mobile game development

This data is used in several ways by the gaming industry. Some of them are mentioned below:

Game Design

The game designs are developed by keeping user requirements in mind as developers design what user want. In order to do so, they use behavioural data for updating game rendering to what works well for the user in terms of challenges. However, they make sure that user is not getting frustrated with the updated version as it will only decrease the game popularity. The companies are monitoring and recording the behaviour of a user to see how the games are being played through which they get an understanding on what to be improved in the future versions.

The users are not limited to story lines or graphics which makes the developers work hard to understand the dislikes, likes and what put them off. This helps to work more strategically to gain success. The real-time user interaction by developers and marketers is highly important in this process. All a developer needs to do is to fix the point which is irritating the user to make them stay.

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This term simply means free-to-play, it let a customer take advantage of website, game, media, software and services without any cost. However, if they want to use additional features then they have to pay premium charges. Gamers don’t actually invest easily, they go up the slowly if they are keen to improve their game rank and want to improve their gaming experience.

You can easily use this monetization tool but you need to understand that there is data behind it as well. The freemium process gives free of cost engagement with no initial cost on any feature, it gives an advantage to the developer as they can easily track a consumer’s behaviour and see what is putting them off. This will give your insight on what will make them actually purchase the in-game add features.

This feature is designed to motive the gamers to go for the small in-game purchases that will make them stay on a game a bit longer. With the help of Big Data, developers can easily measure, track and predict the behaviour of the game that will help them to optimise and increase the user-experience which will eventually motivate them to go for the paid version.

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Personalized Ads

The working of marketers can easily be depicted by the 1-1 marketing, personalization, trending terms and people-based marketing. These factors are used to stop irrelevant, aggressive ad campaigns and focus on targeted interactions. Well, the gaming industry is no different than other at this point. With the help of Big Data, it is possible for the gaming companies to develop significant promotion messages.

Game ads

This is essential when you see that the data is being collected and it will make your game invasive. However, gaming sector is data mining through these factors to make it more attractive for a user to appreciate the game. People are not attracted to segmentation anymore. They need a personalized website on the visited brand size and if a company is able to provide this to the customer then they started to think less likely about a company which will result in them bouncing off to another company.

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Approach over Instant Revenue

The result of the collection, implementing and analysing the game's data is to help with the easy marketing of the games that are launched or to-be-launched. The strategy is the most important factor behind all this as it allows the marketer to understand the end use of a user.

The next generation of the advancement of the game is going to depend on the incorporation of the tendencies and preferences that are extracted from the behavioral analytics in order to understand the gamer’s point of view. With the data empowerment, it will be possible to calibrate the game in the real-time to grab the attention of a user and keep him/her hook to the game.

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Big Data tools are to be used by the gaming companies if they want to improve and grow in the future. They can easily access and utilise them for their own benefits to their full potential as Big Data is the most impactful tool in the market to grow and leave a mark.

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