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How instant messaging integration helps businesses

How instant messaging integration helps businesses


Today the internet has changed everything, how we access information and how we use different tools. Communication in the latest era of machine learning is much cheaper and liberated today. This is the era of instant messaging in terms of more people engaging in desktop and mobile than dial up phones. With this advancement, we have a plethora of applications and devices, who also intend to change our outlook towards various methods of doing business. One such technology development is instant messaging, which is becoming popular among every sector due to its high adoption and no barrier quality.

For expansion purpose and obvious benefits, the use of instant messages is gaining its grounds of popularity. The reason for this can be attributed to their quality of simplifying communication and making the entire process of communication more channelized and well arranged. They usually streamline the marketing strategies and finding out a lead with an uncomplicated process of intake and outtake of information with the business ecosystem. During many recent surveys, it was found that startups which are using instant messaging applications to target their audience get better business outcome both in terms of finances and popularity, that is the reason why many big MNC are also getting interested in this mode of communication with their consumers.

Instant messaging is being used as an effective social networking tool for method communications; it is used for real-time interaction like voice call or text messaging. In many companies, it is used as a less formal way of having a quick discussion which bridges the gap between email and video chats.

Let’s find out the benefits through which instant messaging is proving to be a boon to the business community.

Easy communication

An instant messaging application can be used in various ways, and for a variety of reasons given in an individual set of goals. Like it can be used as customer service and customer feedback but at the same time it can be used for internal communication, sales target discussion as well. Moreover, it can be used to connect with employees from the site to keep monitoring on the scheduled work; this ultimately will increase the productivity in the business that too without loss of resources and money.

Cost effective

Till now we have an idea how instant messaging is a time efficient idea to spice up your business module, but one more thing that is attracting many entrepreneurs toward this modern day twist to communication is its cost.

The best part of many instant messaging applications available on the server is they come with a minimal maintenance cost, so they become the simplest way to communicate with your clients, send audio or video files to them that too with no cost. These applications can be used for collaboration purposes also. In this 21st century where the use of handheld devices is increasing day by day, targeting particular audiences through instant messaging become important as most of them are using these applications only.

Let's take an example how much will a call to the customer will cost you, with the unpredictable nature of the conversation and time of the call, the costing may end up being three times higher than a normal instant messaging application use.

More secure

As being an uncomplicated source of communication, instant messages applications attract less attention of cybercriminals and most of the information hence shared is supposedly almost secure, but that does not mean you can share each and every detail on the instant messaging application. Information like quotations, ware bouts the company, sharing on-site location is now very simple with the help of an instant messaging application which makes communication more efficient and hassle-free.

Consolidated modes of communication

Almost twenty years back it was the time of pager and landline, with no smartphone and no instant messaging applications different platform has to be used for sending different information. Like for an old-time conventional phone, you might need to buy extra services for a conference call or a video call, and your service provider may cost you a huge amount per second for such calls. Instant messaging brings together voice calls, video calls in one platform.

Group information sharing

The team cannot only communicate in real time but share information with one another in stored chat form. They can, not only save but archive the important chat conversation in their inbox or window. Moreover, it's very easy to switch between one window to another and one chat group to later. For example, if you want to send a document to many contacts then you can easily share it by taking the screenshot and sending it in a group. It is so much easier and convenient to share pictures, documents, and the information in between the chats by just switching the window rather than holding in and sending them separately in emails.

Less disturbing

Instant messaging are more useful in a huge workflow when people in a busy schedule are working together in large setups, in such conditions sharing information or giving instruction on messaging become less disruptive than a phone call. Juggling between the information and different windows is so different and easier than conventional mode like emails. And if you have the chat window you can resume it from anywhere, and you can put a reminder also for the future.


Gathering simple information, producing documents and copying this information from one system to another is a tedious job. In such situation business moderators can use Quib’s web chat which enable the information like name, number, and email from the customer, so even before the customer calls you, you are ready with the relevant data in hand. This is very helpful in customer satisfaction as the integration of CRM with other team become easy.

Common tasks are easier

How instant messaging help in another aspect of customer relationship is by answering the common question through chats, so you do not require any special workforce for this and a simple conversation can happen between the service provider and consumer. The company can prepare pre-built answer templates and do copy paste of them to avoid delays and save time. Similarly, if you are into the retail business instant messaging unable the tertiary workers like delivery boy get in touch with the client for issues like where to drop the delivery. So by using instant messaging application coordination time reduces. Applicable in delivering time as well as service appointments also when dealing with the staff or with the clients.

Increased productivity

After streamlining the strategies you can also allow your employees to do tasks more quickly and accomplish them within a given time frame with the help of a messenger. Factors like instant connectivity between client and company permit proper time for the explanation. The difference between call and instant messages is that the executive can hold on one chat and have a chat with another client that means in such platform single executive has communication areas with 3-5 people at a time. Which will ultimately increase productivity? This will also reduce the work time and increases work efficiency.

Attract customers

With technological advancement people who are having buying capacity are them self using such application to research, inquire and buy the product. They also want the solution instantly and do not want to keep on sticking to the phone. So if you think in the proportion that if you are using the same technology preferences as of your client you have an added cookie points here, which you can in cash to attract customers and increase your sales as well as secondary after sales.

No doubt it can be said that instant messaging or IM has evolved as the preferred mode of communication among the consumer as well as service provider, where competition is too high and everyone wants to be in a much more cost efficient streamlined process. The constant shift in the consumer behaviors toward new unexplored technologies is giving young business modules a chance to have leverage from such applications and fill their pockets with numerous opportunities in the market.

A growing number of companies have now adopting instant messages and have realized its benefits within and outside their domain to make their balance sheets adequate and functioning more profitable.

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