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How chatbots can win consumers over

How chatbots can win consumers over


Five years back, companies and customers were wary of the idea to give control to artificial intelligence and just enjoy the after glory. However, the time has changed now and companies are embracing the concept of AI in their business. They are no longer scared that AI will take over the world and if anything, companies want AI to take control of things. The main reason is that it is making things easy for companies to attract the crowd and establish a global image.

Customers usually have to struggle a lot while dialing a number to customer care. They go through a number of options just to talk to the executive and share the issue with them. On top of that, there are times when getting hold of customer care is more than difficult and one lost hope altogether. This is not going to be the case with AI in play since companies can get in touch with the customer easily

Evolved form of Artificial Intelligence for companies

AI is changing the face of the global world on a whole new level and has established an image that we can’t stay away. It has become one of the most loved technologies of 2019 and we can’t blame customers or the audience for it. We are familiar with JARVIS in Iron Man and the whole Avenger series which was replaced by FRIDAY later on. It managed to capture the attention of the crowd and everyone started to fantasies about what it will be like to use one. There is no doubt that it has managed to ease up life on business and personal level.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to let customers crave in their new customers and let them into the business scope. It gives an opaqueness to the system that allows companies to get things done easily. With the evolving generation, tech-savvy, as the main crowd in the present time, AI has taken up a wide space between us. This offers an easy interaction for customers and helps in engaging brands to ensure that they know and get as per the requirements.

Industries benefitting from chatbots

AI has captured the attention of customers on a whole new level. There are a number of industries that haven’t given much of a thought before embracing AI. With time, AI has now become a major part of several industries. Let us take you to the journey of different industries that are embracing AI rapidly.

1. Online marketing and eCommerce

  • eCommerce is one of the few industries that is not scared of AI at all. They understand the productivity that they can achieve through AI and have thoroughly embraced the concept with open arms. Even the success rate of AI with e-commerce has given amazing numbers pushing industries towards it.
  • 70% of sales are made through Messenger only after AI was implemented in the system.
  • 11% of marketing and promotion is successful on social media platform via chatbots that helps in fixing appointments.
  • More than 50% of the audience is now clicking up more at AI-generated coverage to offer a tremendous rate of success in place of Chatbots to click up more than expected.
  • The Messenger Chatbots has taken over a wide scape and contributed to 20% of sales overall for a business. This success rate has made it easy for customers to rely on instant two-way communication and direct payment along with easy ordering.
  • A total of 250% return is achieved via Facebook Messenger that orders up to 300%. Hence, there has been an increase of 3.5x people over time.

2. Customer service

Another vital addition in terms of AI is witnessed in Customer services. There has been an increase of 30% of total customers that depends widely on artificial intelligence instead of going for human conversation. They prefer BI Intelligence over others that makes them an ideal solution to go along the way. This has managed to automate the business world and companies are working in the direction to ensure that the representative works on desired sales.

This has managed to increase the trend over time along with the increase in trend rate. It allows one to focus on online support and ensure that customers are content with services provided to them. This has a huge influence on business and technology that is evolving with time and has taken over a wide space. It has captured the attention and now customers are keener to talk to an intelligent machine instead of a human.

There have been 60% of the total increase in the AI interaction over time and we have more than 30% of a satisfied customer. This is not a bad ratio if we consider that AI has just now started to influence the market. Even the automation FAQ pages on the website are now getting the overall setup in terms of AI. This has increased the overall business rate and allows customers to embrace it all with the help of automated services.

3. Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel

With a rapid increase in the terms of chatbots, the industries are gaining a lot more with AI than we can expect it to. This has created a different and unique experience for users as well which is only benefiting businesses. Especially at a low price, such service has gained a lot of popularity and with time has reached a new level of advancement. The automation with lower cost is the dream of companies that they can achieve with the help of AI.

If we check on a general level than AI is taking a wide space with the booking of hotels and flights. It has led to an increase of around 80% in just a month and the number is slowly increasing. Especially, Facebook Chatbot is responsible for a maximum of sales and helps companies to attract an online audience. Let’s face the fact, everyone is online now so why do customers have all the fun. Along with this, 40% of customer interaction has increased over time out of which just need to be helped in getting boarding passes. The total revenue has also reached a new level with the help of interaction among the crowd service allowing companies to get more than what they expected.

4. FinTech, Financial Services, and Banking

The disrupting services have managed to the overall focus on the terms of the financial sector. Chatbots are now having a huge role to play in the financial sector by 2020 they will reach a new height. This has managed to keep the focus in terms of healthcare, banking, eCommerce, and retail. In 2022, there will be more than $20 million of total revenues that one can achieve from them. Even the Mastercard, VISA, Barclays, Ally Bank, American Express, Bank of America, etc. Bots have managed to capture attention in the financial sector and it has captured customers' flow.

Marketers have managed to capture the attention of the retail sector has taken it all with the flow. This powerful lesson has service-based that allows one to capture overall customer attention while working up in a singular manner. It helps in avoiding any risk and helps customers to rely on companies.

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