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How can Publishing benefit from Innovative Tech?

The publishing sector is an industry of print books, newspapers, and magazines. You can’t name it as a business as it is much more than that. Publishing plays a vital role in the socio-political and cultural environment of the country. However, with technology taking over the world, it has played a drastic change in the publishing world as well. With electronic books and online resources into play, it increases the competition at top-notch.

How is the Publishing Sector Impacted?

The internet world has impacted all the publishing chain values such as the published books (authors can directly get in touch with the reader), sold (e-tailers), distribution (electronic market), and read (e-books). This increases the rivalry level between the production house and online stores.

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However, with so much going on in the world of technology, the digital native publishers are leveling up with savvy traditional publishers. There are many established print publishers making a mark among the digital audience as well. Few of them are Forbes, Conde Nast Digital, Hearst Digital Media, and Washington Post. The massive audience, savvy newsroom, and global reach allow the publishing firm to work efficiently with better speed.

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Here are few things that could be adopted by innovative publishers to take the publishing industry to a whole new level.

1. A New Frontier For News – Messaging (Messaging-As-A-Platform)

In 2015, the major change was made in the technical world when the companies decided to elaborate on the importance of news for their products. And with time, now almost everyone has their own products surrounded by the news. You name a firm and it has a new product such as Apple News, Snapchat Discover, LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook instant articles, etc.

There were many publishers who were varying from this discovery in the starting. But, they were not able to resist the influence, maximum reach, and cachet they got. The small issues like ad sales, user experience, and distribution control simply fly out of the air in no time. Today, publishers are embracing innovative technology with open arms irrespective of where the content is situated.

This will be more evolved in the future with the launch of new platforms and uncover new ways to make the products sticky. The milestone started to change when it was reported that the social media were pushed back with the help of messaging application when the monthly usage was analyzed. However, in the future, the messaging applications are supposed to be more evolved with a key component of news.

With messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter messaging, and Snapchat, the news publishers are getting a big platform to reach the maximum audience. It is possible to see the connection between full-service platform with the peer-to-peer communication platform in the future that will link brands, publishers, and people.

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The changes are already noted with new API and the dropping out charges of the big applications. With time, new products and services will be introduced that will be a plus point for the publishers with the addition of another integrated platform. It was highly important to have better innovation in the publishing industry. There is high hope from the messaging a publishers that will be built in-house in order to create news. The main challenge that will be faced by the publishers is how much of the total money they must invest in this project as per the ROI (return on investment).

2. Addition Of New Video - Audio

The biggest truth that is accepted by the publishers is that audience is highly attracted to video content. The big publishing brands have completed adopted the popularity of video content and are investing in it. Even after almost 3 years of video fever, there is no sign that it is going to retreat anytime soon. With so much popularity of video, now the publishers are developing strategies that surround the concept of one media – audio.

The audio file is extremely used for storytelling work. However, now this will be imported to the publishing of news too. It is all set to become the focus of the news industry. Well, it is predicted that it may be the end of the AM/FM era. The audio war is already in play with the streaming services of Pandora, Spotify, Apple’s iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and Podcasts. These websites and applications have altered the musical world by replacing digital radio.

Now companies are focusing on automation in almost every niche and target. However, audio is not going to replace video or text content as it will be dependent on them. The three of them have their own importance in the publishing industry with the key factor of content in the top list.

The traditional publishers are already investing in the audio content creation with the help of podcasts that are taking this discovery to whole new heights. Eventually, the publishers will accept this to be a part of the publishing industry and will start to create and promote their content through audio, text, and video. Another one Vox managed to complete the target with the help of Re/Code podcasts interviews that were used as source material for the articles and helps in cross-promoting within articles.

There are still publishers that vary of investing in the digital audio are not too sure of its advantage that can help them to grow in publishing sectors. But it is assumed that more than 80 percent of the industry will be using the audio in the publishing sector in the coming years.

There are many home devices such as Amazon Echo that is widely used to play the podcasts or get a proper update on the news and scores while you are chilling at home. However, nothing can be said for sure as of now as the future of audio is not yet determined. Still, many publishers are experimenting today rather than trying to be in front of the future.

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3. Publishers-As-A-Software-Provider

There are many news publishers that depend largely on the subscription and advertisements to make revenue. With the increase in the completion of media start-ups, mobile phone prices, lower ad rates, general trends with no amount for the news and the ad blocker technology, it has become very hard to have a steady revenue which makes the publishing sector not too keen of the digital technology at some level.

This makes publishers rethink the proposition to get some kind of alternative that can help in managing the revenue streams. There are many publishers that believe that monetization is the biggest challenge the industry has to face. Hence, they are using different tactics to come up with a solid plan.

As a result, publishers are providing a number of other services as well as creative agencies, organizers, research institutes, etc. As a creative agency, they allow the audience to connect with the advertisers in a reliable and usual way. This is mainly done by proving quality branding content that hooks the attention of the audience.

Another way is research institutes in which the publishers provide relevant data and analysis reports to the respective company in return of the subscription fee. This method is widely used by the industry due to a similar workflow.

Then another service provided by the publisher is even organizers in which the big firm as Forbes Summit Conferences is also connected. The main purpose is to influence their brand and bring people under the same concept or topic on an industry level or C-level executive.

Well, the software provider services are yet to be claimed by the publishing world. You need to understand that digital publishers are comprised of technology and in-house developed software that helps them to create, manage, and optimize the creation of content work.

The best way that is followed by them is focusing on data insights in order to have a clear data creation, streamlining of operations related to magazine, division according to the department, etc. giving them motivation and time frame to do a task.

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The new technology is now showing a mirror to the traditional industry of how things can be done in order to improve the productivity rate. It is not only focused on innovation but also on the content monetization and worth-grabbing investment opportunities. All the publishing sectors need to do is, come out of the shell and look around to grab the best one.

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