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Know How: Big Data Impacts the Healthcare Industry

Big Data is definitely a buzzword today, and is making the world a better place by making a profound impact on the healthcare industry. The amount of data we routinely generate is tremendous, and so is our ability to understand and analyze it through technology.

Big data has shown its implementation across almost all verticals impacting internet marketing, and healthcare is not far behind. Big Data in healthcare is used to improve profits, reduce wasted overhead, predict epidemics, improve the quality of life, cure diseases, and avoid deaths up to a certain extent.

Analyze Patient

The drive now is to analyze a patient’s life history and future patterns using this Big Data in as early his life as possible. This sophisticated predictive modeling can save millions of lives and even prevent diseases before actually falling ill.

 Personalized Medication

Another important topic in the healthcare industry is Personalized medicines. This requires tailor-made medicines as per an individual’s genetic patterns and data based on their geographic location and lifestyle. Indeed, this can be a revolution for the healthcare domain.

Forecast Epidemics

Big Data is a great contributor in the fight against epidemics. Places like Africa, where such diseases prevail can be traced geographically through mobile phone locations and a trend can be forecasted. This also gives an insight on the best areas to provide treatment and medicinal supply in advance.


Keeping in mind that medical data should be extremely secure data, security safeguards have to be put in every place to ensure that the information only gets to those meant for it. As long as security and privacy of data is maintained, it is certain that It can play a big role in development of new treatments and define the way we understand our bodies.

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