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How automation can help in boosting your sales

sales automation

In this technology-driven world, it is not a shocking revelation that sales also can be completely automated. Robotic process automation has managed to take over the companies by covering up documentation, tasks and repetitive activities. In addition to this, sales automation can easily cover up several processes such as pricing, email reminders standard contracts, regular documentation, inventory control and so on. With the help of sales automation, the execution and function strategies have developed in many ways. It has also managed to cover activities that are essential for a system.

However, even after so many wonderful benefits, business owners are wondering and searching out for the reasons that ensure them that sales automation is worth it. Here are a few ways that prove it that sales automation is just the start of innovation and productivity of the business world.

AI-based bots

The latest science fiction that has converted into remarkable reality – Artificial Intelligence –have made the business world more advanced. With this game-changing technology, companies are coming up with Chatbots that have managed to increase the total sale by 40 per cent. It is the most trending technology that is available in the market proving an easy path to convert leads to potential customers.

  • Enhanced customer experience – Chatbots have managed to give a new level to the customers. As a matter of fact, 70% of customers prefers chatbots over the human conversation. This is because of fast fixation of the issue, personalized packages and streamlines of sales.
  • Curating email contentIt requires a lot of time and energy to curating the content for email sent out weekly to customers. However, with the help of AI, it is just a matter of a few minutes to analyze and browse the history to come with something unique.
    There are a number of companies that have stepped forward to embrace artificial intelligence for IT tasks and customer management. Even in a survey, it was proved that companies are enthusiasts about AI for the number of activities run for computer-to-computer. As mentioned above, this adds the customer experience that might be happy to have a chat with a machine than human. There is no doubt that these AI-driven bots are more proficient and smart that have revolutionized the customer’s experience.However, this might have sent a human in a panic condition, but as a matter of fact, it has opened up new opportunities for them to capture as well.

    Relationship management

    There is no doubt that customer lookout for the quality of a product and brand. This is all because of relationship management that works on mainly four stages - Identification of dire space, strategic supplier tagging, agreements by strategy and relationship management. Even when a customer plant on breaking off a deal, these points are taken under consideration.

    On a short note, purchase decision can be completely unpredictable due to number of factors. One of them is customer support. Hence, comes the chatbots. They are actually taking over the support service at a fast rate. This assistance technology might be completely AI-driven but it is more reliable, fast and available 24x7 that was not done manually. In addition to this, you can easily work out on the four stages easily with the help of AI-assistance.

    Lead prioritization

    When you are in sales or marketing, then it is possible that you know what goes in and out of it. This might even leave you confused all at once. However, you need to understand that out of 10 customers, 5 are going to respond to you as soon as possible. But even if you are a second late to send out some content to them then you might end up losing a potential customer.

    In such a case, it becomes highly essential to be the first one to reach out to them through email or messages. Hence, you need to analyze and prioritize your leads in such a way that you reach out to the ones that most probably will reply to you before you go for someone who is not even interested. There are multiple softwares that can help you with the prioritization and help you to convert a sale.

    Customer details

    The best use of Sales automation is that it allows you to stack up all the details regarding your customer. All an organization needs to do is press a few buttons and click on a few places to retrieve essential data. These details will include customer’s history, the last call made to your brand, personal information, contact details, and so on. In addition to this, a customer is the one that faces a lot of challenges.

    When they call, a new customer representative pick their call which makes them explain their situation again and again. This repeat explanation is frustrating for a customer that made them quit your brand. To prevent this, the sales automation system will be extremely helpful. It allows you to save all the previous conversation of the customer so that it will be simple to pick from the last conversation even if the representative is new. Isn’t this a new way to ensure that customer is happy and satisfied?

    Sales funnel

    Now, you don’t have to be confused to hear the word. Sales funnel work on four essential part – action, decision, interest and awareness. In order to reach to the top of sales games, you need to cross all the parts and fill up that tunnel. You need to create awareness in such a way that can spike up the interest of a customer and they can come up with a decision to opt for your brand or not then finally taking an action.

    The foundation of the whole tunnel is awareness, if you have no mode of spreading awareness, then you are in a big mess. You need to produce leads that can be done only when a customer is aware of it other everything will just collapse. Out of 100 sales only, 27 will actually make it to the top. Hence, you need to be very careful about the steps you are following. In addition to this, 80% of the customers will come back when they are ready to invest in a purchase.

    Everything might seem messed up but it is not with sales automation. The AI software allows a company to capture the attention of customers at a wide range. Hence, crossing the first part of the tunnel that can’t be easily achieved otherwise. Then, with the help of algorithms, you will know which leads are sales ready and then you can work on them accordingly. This is an easy way to reach to the top of the customer's wish list.

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