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How AI can be used to boost your website experience

How AI can be used to boost your website experience


Also known as Machine Intelligence in general terms, Artificial Intelligence is described as any task performed by software, application, program, or ultimately by a machine the same as a human being to accomplish a task. In layman’s terms, Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of machines and computers able to perform tasks that require human intelligence. These tasks include decision making, planning, execution, visual perception, translation of the languages in real-time.

When we take into consideration the Artificial Intelligence, it is no longer serving to the future, but AI is already here, and it is giving a significant impact on many sectors of the business. Moreover, AI is having a great impact on how businesses can function and how companies can improve their operations and strategies. One of the most significant ways Artificial Intelligence can help companies significantly is by giving all new face to their user experience and design. 

With Artificial Intelligence, businesses and companies can streamline their operations and seamlessly adopt AI techniques in their website and applications. They can adapt the AI to sync with ever-changing trends, increasing usability, behaviors, and lots more. Moreover, companies can also improve their overall website user experience. Users and customers want to interact well with companies through online platforms. So, it is mandatory to accomplish the website user experience desire. 

Additionally, AI can help businesses and companies to focus on two vital trends of landing page design and website viz. images and personalization. AI helps a company and industry to focus on what they want. 

Artificial Intelligence and Images

When we take into consideration the images and other components, these are essential for the website design as the images can be used to catch the attention of a user or viewer. AI can assist in making data-based decisions for the company related to visuals. This way, AI can improve the performance of the website and user experience overall. Now we will see how to improve the performance and overall website by using Artificial Intelligence. Let us see everything in detail.

You may be thinking about how exactly we can make extensive use of AI in the website designing without much knowledge and resources, but this is indeed possible. There are innumerable tools and techniques that make use of Artificial Intelligence within the website development and designing. These tools and techniques help a user to create pleasant and suitable user experiences that result in increased revenue and sales conversions. There are several strategies available to develop website using Artificial Intelligence for personalization, customer service, and create the best design for the site.

With Artificial Intelligence, a company or a business no longer has to categorize their images and image name. AI technology within the website can help to detect various patterns and structures within an image as well as other related images of similar patterns. This helps a website to give an all-new level of optimization based on the customer’s or viewer’s behavior. 

Customized landing pages

Customized landing pages and web pages help a company to offer tailor image suggestions of their products, solutions, or services as per viewers’ preferences and choices. Moreover, AI helps in designing the website as per the product page interactions. These images can be used for branding of the page, improving the overall viewer experience. This can be done by showing them things and goods of their choices. This feature of AI is exclusive and is more famous as websites will gain the power to recognize the viewer’s shopping preference. Moreover, individuals can be categorized in the website and can select images related to their choices or category.

Better search

Customers and viewers are always eager to get faster information in an easy way. Nowadays, voice search is a smarter way among youngsters, and soon the technology will be in more and more demand. You can take an example of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or anything, and these are all based on deep learning. Online shopping assistants can take advantage, and the Voice Search option is a vital part of the eCommerce website designing and development nowadays. 

Better interaction

AI-based chatbots are made to streamline the networking and communication channels of the company and business. Made from Artificial Intelligence, the chatbots will also learn how to recognize the feelings and emotions of human beings. Nowadays, more and more customers are interacting with Chatbots. This will help companies and business to eradicate all the networking and communication barriers. Moreover, this will help in making the shopping experience even more interesting and better. 

By adopting the AI technology, networking with Chatbots will be same as real shop consultant who replies to every question of the viewers. May it be features, prices, quality, or anything, it will solve all the queries and issues. As per the reports, the Chatbots market will increase to $.3.5 billion until the year 2021. Chatbots help a website to stay in trend for eCommerce platform especially.

Better customer experience

Adopting Artificial Intelligence will not only beautify the user experience of the website but also gives the best customer experience. Real-time learning technology can make the user’s mood and also identify their choices and preferences. AI allows to modify the website as per the viewers and customers, and it also includes what they exactly search. AI also allows us to do the following functionalities like:

  • Alter products’ prices
  • Display personalized advertisements 
  • Serve best video content all around and lots.

Effective marketing

With AI, Machine Learning, and Big data analysis, a company can open the gates to innumerable opportunities, especially eCommerce markets. This technology helps a company to do effective marketing and branding based on customer behavior. It evaluates different parameters like what type of products do customers need, price and quality preference, where the customer likes to buy the product and lots more.

Better website

With Artificial Intelligence, a company can design and develop a creative website for their business. The company can make a customized website with an innovative layout that is suitable for the brand and also looks after the elements like graphics, colors, fonts, and lots more. AI designer is used to making a customized website, and hence, it helps a company to keep the content and images updated. Therefore, it helps in looking appealing to the customers and other users. 


A company or business can adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning on their website. This is a handy technique to develop websites, especially eCommerce one. It helps to record customer’s preference, choice, and lots more through their customized website. 


There are also many more tools and ways available via which website can be made smarter. Artificial Intelligence is gradually getting involved in the site, and it thus automates the users to execute the action within the website quickly. Customers are always excited to see and feel more and more every day. So, to keep them engaging in every possible way, a company needs to have a customized and personalized website. Moreover, AI predicts future actions by identifying the customer’s behavior and preferences. This data is collected via page visits, website visits, time spent on the website, website interaction behavior, and lots more. 

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