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How a mobile app can reduce your marketing costs

Smartphones have taken over digital media in such a way that it is difficult for businesses to avoid it. If anything, this evolution has become a necessity for companies rather than being an option. If we talk in terms of the global market, then there are more than half advertisements that are done digitally are done via mobile phones instead of desktops. This data is only going to increase with time and we will witness some major impact on the bureau.

With the advancement in the digital world, the marketing strategies are also slowly gaining a lot of importance. As per the predictions, the mobile advertisement is going to take up to 60 per cent hike as compared to television data. Apart from this, there are 40, 000 accounts on an average that are continuously aiming for advertisement.

These ratios and number have managed to change the whole game of the marketing industry. There is no doubt that marketing and advertising are the major goal hanger of any business. Hence, they are widely put up with resources and time. In such cases, companies invest the hefty amount in the marketing of their business that they sometimes forget to take some essential aspects in mind such as mobile phone.

Mobile spread

If you are still in the dark then let us tell you that smartphones are becoming smarter. This has lead in the condition of ubiquitous that have set goals in the emerging market. Clients, consumer and even companies are now bending their rules to get involved with the mobile phone media. In simple words, it has become a style statement for everyone. On daily basis, people are investing 20% of total procurement on smartphones.

While other people invest more than 12 hours a day on their mobile phone. This might seem unreal but it is the actual truth of industry. 70% of the total population of earth, have a deep research on a single product via their smartphones before they decide to invest in that certain product – in-store or online. Hence, you can observe that people are getting dependent on their smartphones rather than desktops. It has managed to win off the demographics of 18-34 consumers that are significant than others.

Hence, the advancement and effective is all in front of us in terms of mobile media. The mobile technology also allows companies to target their audience in real-time on the basis of their location. In returns, it gives out more search results as compared to traditional marketing methods. Mobile advertisement is actually creating a benchmark for other sources even after using ad-blockers. The main reason is that ad-blockers don’t work well when it comes to in-app ads.

These are more than enough points to actually explain the worth of mobile marketing and investment in an application. This will increase the total business revenue by 20 per cent by targeting an audience. Even m-commerce will get a new height with such investment. The only essential thing that is required is the mobile users that will leave a mark in the whole process.

There are many brands that are still targeting audience on the desktop level which has gone low compared to last year. This is making them opt for the mobile-first strategy that is allowing more audience to connect on a global level. On top of that, the lifestyle of an individual or a brand is now aimed at the customers that are below 30 years of age. The main reason behind this is their excessive use of smartphones.

Application Building

The best type of investment that one can do in terms of the business world is app building. It has a tendency to grow substantially with the increase of marketing department and spending amount on marketing purpose. However, the cost-effectiveness remains the neutral goal in such situations. The most tempting offer that any company can receive is to have an effective market at the lowest cost. This can be achieved by focusing on limited keywords that are not even effective or by targeting a specific range or demographics of the population. But do you think that it is a good strategy?

“There are no shortcuts to success.” We all have heard these words a number of times and it is true as well. There is no point of investing less money for more people if you are not even focusing on the right group. Rather than this, you can focus on a major game changer that can help you to lower up the cost but with the right group of people. This can be easily achieved with the help of applications.

If you are still bent on buying online ads then let us tell you that it is an auction process. If you have less competition then the amount will reduce automatically. Let us tell you a fun fact, the number of total applications is less as compared to the competing websites that will invest in the advertisement.

Our main aim is to stack up to the numbers. Even the major brands are using expensive modes to come up with some traditional app development. You can even use in-house developer or can always opt for the third party for your work. In addition to this, it is better to start with android since the total number of user are higher as compared to the iPhone or Window Operating system. However, it can be costly on the initial level but if you calculate the estimate then it will be worth the investment. However, it is better to have well planned on the financial level before starting with this whole process.

The best thing is that if you are working smartly, doing your homework by researching every aspect properly and above all know what you are doing then you can save a lot of money. There is no requirement for you to pay thousands of money on application development. However, some of the developers might compromise with the quality of your application for lower cost so make sure that you are putting your truth with the right person.

The thing about the whole marketing and mobile application is that it is a win-win situation. A person has their mobile phone with them throughout the day. So, what are the odds that they will open your application around 2 to 3 times a day? Even if they are using it only twice, it is more than enough to generate a lead and you never know it might be possible that they will simply make a purchase.

Apart from this, the mobile application will help in increasing the sales, improving Search Engine Optimization of the website and also boosting the user’s engagement in real time. You can also track the total number of visits and graph details. You can start with the Native application and once you see the results can move to the much-advanced method. Just make sure that you are following the right route while crossing hitches easily. Your mobile application can take some time in reaching the audience but remember that it is one of the most cost-effective methods.

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