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Hadoop Distribution for Big Data Analytics

Hadoop is an open-source framework for distributed storage and processing of huge amounts of data. Hadoop helps businesses gain useful insights into structured as well as unstructured data. Hadoop is seen as one of the most sought after data platforms for global businesses.

Few benefits of Hadoop

Current world data is changing every second due to ne mobile devices, social media inventions, and technological advancements. Have a look at a few of the benefits that Hadoop offers us:


Unlike traditional databases, Hadoop does not require to process data first before storing it. Data including images, video, and text can be stored as much as needed and then processes later.

Tolerance to failure

Hadoop offers protection of its hardware from failures. If there is a failure in a node, then the task is diverted to other nodes. Multiple data copies are stores to be sure that backup is maintained.


Increasing nodes to the entire system are easy using Hadoop.


The commodity hardware usage cost is minimum and the open-source framework is free of cost. Let us have a look at the role that Hadoop plays in Big Data Analytics: Hadoop has the capability to do analytical algorithms given the fact that it can handle huge amounts of data. These analytics help businesses discover new developments and understand its advantages over other competitors.

Hadoop can tackle issues like:

1. Technical Support

Technical assistance is provided to clients for high-level tasks.

2. Complete package

Add-on tools will be provided by Hadoop distributors which will help a client with a customized package for him to meet his specific needs.

3. Stability

In case of any bug or viruses found in the system, Hadoop vendors send immediate alerts to its clients. This ensures stability within the system.

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