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Great iOS apps

Being to the Apple WWDC design awards and the sessions in general gave us one major insight into what goes in making a great iOS app. And we think this is something that can help our clients tremendously.

Combining what we have learnt here at the Apple WWDC and our expertise with the technology, we can consult and help our clients develop the next set of Featured, New & Noteworthy and Staff Favorite apps.  

Considering we already have developed several apps which have been top-selling or featured by Apple regularly, the new features introduced with Mountain Lion and iOS 6 and only help us make them better.  

Here are some of the key things Apple is focusing on this year at the WWDC  


This is undoubtedly what Apple has always focused on - be it the hardware they create (gorgeous machines!) or the apps that work on these devices. Apple has definitely set a benchmark in the industry for amazing design in laptops, smartphones, tablets and undoubtedly apps! They want the apps available for the Mac and iOS devices to be beautiful, efficient, reliable and easy to use, making it a great user experience.  

And the users agree. The all-time top 20000 apps displayed at Moscone West this year proves this. People love a well-designed, good-looking app.  



When a person is using a device as well-designed as the iPhone or the iPad or a Mac, they expect the apps on there to work as efficiently as the devices themselves.

A lot of the sessions at the WWDC this year were focused on making sure your apps work efficiently, have optimal running time, don't crash too much and overall give the user a seamless app experience. Our experience of using Apple's various tools to achieve this definitely helps our clients achieve these results.  


Use of Apple technologies

Apple provides some amazing technologies to incorporate into our apps - background processes, multi-tasking, printing, voice-over, the list is endless. App users expect these features to be available in apps automatically!

But it does take work at the developer's end to get these features to work in your apps. And only a seasoned developer, with knowledge of the frameworks and functionality Apple provides through its SDK, can help you with making sure your app has the functionality people expect from it.

Our experience developing iOS apps for the past 4+ years gives us this edge in understanding what in-built features provided by Apple work best for your apps and help you make your app better.

So let us combine your idea and our knowledge and build the next killer app for iOS!

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