Google Apps just got a new dashboard

Google has updated its Google Apps Dashboard providing for greater control over users and services. The new dashboard allows users to be segmented into organizational units

The application set is now activated at a user level, meaning that users can now selectively be provided access to the various apps Administrators can now manage multiple users from multiple domains within the same control panel

These new features address the long pending needs of Enterprise Customers and should result in greater flexibility for enterprises and hence greater adoption

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Machine learning: A Powerful Resource for E-Commerce

For eCommerce businesses, face-to-face interactions with clients are almost inexistent. Clients make their orders online, make payments through...

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Digital Marketing – The Biggest Social Influence in 2021

The rapid expansion of technology and electronic products has made digital marketing one of the biggest and fastest-rising industries.  

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Effects of Bitcoin on The food sector of Africa

Bitcoin has heavily impacted the food sector in Africa. This growth is attributable to Bitcoin's several advantages to users in the African...

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