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Getting started with Mobile game development

Nowadays, almost everybody from kids to old people, have access to smartphones or tablets. No surprise that game development corporations are controlling the broad potential of mobile apps, providing more and more games for iOS and Android users.

There are many who love to play these mobile games, undoubtedly. But there are some who are curious to know or want to make a career as a game developer.

Maybe first you need to learn what is game development and the phases involved in a successful mobile game development. Beginners like you encounter the similar struggle. But no more worries because here is our beginner’s guide to clear you all the relevant and crucial aspects of the mobile game development process.

We’ve divided game development into three 3 phases.

1. Pre-production phase

Picture your Idea

The idea is the most difficult but significant step to make a fruitful game development. But to be effective it's critical that it depends on a stellar idea. However, there is no immediate procedure to produce new thoughts. The way to find an appropriate idea is to consider something creative that locks in. That idea must speak to the potential users which enables you to make revenue.

Outline your story

Once you've decided on your idea for the game, outline a grand story. A game without one wrecks the purpose and excitement behind the game. Players need to face the enjoyment and advancement of completing the game, which makes it interesting.

2. Production phase

Choosing devices & platforms

The mobile game development process requires platforms, software, and tools. In this way, your best course of action is to set them up. Tailor them relying upon the working frameworks and choose from the accessible software that can encourage you.

Pick the tools for making the game, game graphics and design, game engines, and sound. A couple of them are free while different tools propose that you purchase plan packages.

Game design

The designing of the game is also an essential factor in the mobile game development process. You need to initially plan out the general game design and architecture and think about the manifold sides your game will incorporate.You begin by the architect designing for the game engine class.

Go to an online mobile game community if anything fails to get the solution. As even the little lapse will require you to return to beginning from the roots.

The development

After working on your game idea, story, tools, and design an imperative portion of the process is to ensure it sustains prototype testing. After that, the game programmers, and designer use the already made game prototype to build up the mobile game with full features. Here, your future mobile game will be molded utilizing various game engines and programming languages.

Additionally, modelers and artists are chiefly centered around game environments, primary and supporting characters, and different game resources, while engineers write new source code and clean the game mechanics.

Monetization ($$$)

Comprehend that mobile game holds for a potential market to make the profit as well. Prior to releasing, choose if your mobile game must make revenue as an in-app buy, from premium versions or with advertisements in the application.

Mobile game development requires significant investment and time. Subsequently, before hopping into the launch, think about how you'll recover those investments and endeavors.

3. Post Production

Test your game

Towards the end of the mobile game development process, it is all about testing, rolling out the last moment improvements, and getting ready for the launch. The discovering of the issue logs and bugs in the alpha (initial) version is the thing that the post-production is mostly for.

The QAs spend several hours playing the game and searching for bugs. Then the testing staff sends the results on to engineers who at that point execute bug fixing and the fundamental changes with the goal that the end-user can appreciate a smooth gaming experience.

Finally, the major fixes are completed and the game is ready to be released. After the game releases, the sequence is mainly repeated, only this time, the team figures out how to make the current game much better to keep the players intact.

Best tools for mobile game development


This tool offers some notable features like 2D tools and animated technology that are new to this tool. Alongside, Unity has likewise acquired Tsugy. This carries a development with cloud-based services. Unity also offers all that one needs for a full mobile game development cycle with one basic program.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the game engine created by Epic Games. The game development kit in it accompanies a huge number of alternatives for cell phones, gaming consoles, and PCs. Unreal Engine includes amazing graphical capacities which can deal with up to million particles in a single scene at the same time. It is unquestionably a gift for 3D game engineers.

Crown SDK

Crown SDK is a cross-platform using the Lua scripting language which is truly simple to learn and code with. You can use its 2D features and find numerous modules in the Corona Marketplace. This tool is honored for their reasonable documentation and their strong community. It additionally brings a real-time simulation that will assist you with seeing how your game application will look like after modifications.


AppGameKit is for all kind of game developers from novices to pros and it is additionally an easy to use tool that uses the same coding language as C++. One of its best qualities is, this is also a cross-platform henceforth, your game will be accessible at once for every single platform.


Lumberyard is the game making engine created by Amazon. You can use its free tools, it can be released in various devices due to its cross-platform ability. Also, engage your players with visually rich content with the help of Lumberyard’s Twitch integration.

Languages to learn for mobile game development

Three languages used most often for the mobile games development industry are as follows:

C++: This is the most proper and strong programming language with regards to building a mobile game. C++ permits mobile games apps to be produced for all intents and purposes on every existing platform.

HTML5: HTML5 is viewed as a perfect programming language for the mobile game development. In view of its well-suited features, HTML5 is prescribed as extraordinary compared to other programming languages for mobile game development.

The clean coding and simplicity to embed codes are extra parameters that make this language one of the most loved languages for game programmers.

Java: The adaptability of Java helps game developers when they need to re-utilize the codes keeping in mind the end goal to update their game. Java is more prominent for android games application development; however, the language can't do much when it's about iOS game apps.

Mobile game development is a diverse platform and needs a detailed process for all phases of the game.While it's a challenging task, it is further a rewarding activity too. Get in touch with us if you are not sure how to go about with developing your game and need help.

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