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Get ready for WWDC 2012

With the excitement around the WWDC reaching its peak today as it kicked off, we are really excited to learn what Apple has in store for us this year.
Even with Steve Jobs not being around this year (bless his soul), the line outside Moscone West was astounding! By 5:30 in the morning, it was at least a mile long and growing steadily, that when the event doesn't begin till 10!!
Apple's approach this year has been very different compared to the previous years where some of the new releases lined up for the WWDC were not kept as secretive as the previous years (probably deliberately!!) - like the release of iOS 6 or the new MacBooks.
Makes you think, did they do this coz these are some of the minor announcements this year? Maybe they have something really big up their sleeves, something even more exciting than the rumored Apple TV SDK and Siri SDK! 
It's exciting to guess who'd be delivering the keynote this time, most likely (Tim Cook or Scott Forstall) and how it would go. We're also really excited to see what features Apple comes up with in iOS 6 - facebook integration, improvements in Siri, Apple's Maps app, use of widgets!
And Mountain Lion - Notification Center, AirPlay...
Of all the boards put up, just 2 remain covered in black now.
Just half an hour to go and we'll find out!! Look out for live updates on our blog!

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