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Future of Python in the industry

Future of Python in the industry


Over the years, Python has managed to sweep into the coding world and have managed to reach the top. It is one of the multi-paradigm and high-level languages that is used by programmers due to its conventional features. Python has managed to dominate other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, etc. In addition to this, its object-oriented feature has made it even more accurate to deal with.

With time, programmers started to bend towards it on a huge level and are now dependent on its dynamic features. In addition to this, it has become a conventional language that has made it easy to work on a number of different aspects. If anything programmers are now opting for Python for application development, game development, web development, numeric and scientific computing, system administration, GIS and mapping and so on.

In over the span of 25 years, Python has managed to reach a level that is high above others making it the fastest growing language. Not only this, but it also has a promising future along with the addition of other technology. There is no doubt that it has become quite favorite in the software industry.

Reasons for Python's popularity

The main reason that python has managed to grab the attention of programmers is that it is full of features that are taking it to a new level. It is extremely simple and easy language when it comes to read and write. As a result, the programmer can easily code without worrying about any confusion. If anything, Google, being one of the biggest search engines depends on Python to code and work on. To make it clear, listed below are few features of python that make it unique in itself.

1. Open Source

Yes, the best part about python is that it is an open source language that makes it highly popular and available among others. On top of that, the codes being open source can be used by anyone publicly on the net. It is also easy to work on the code or even modify it as per the requirement.

2. Supportive and Rich community

If you are a person who is connected with coding then you might know that not every language will support the system. It is the major concern when it comes to code which makes python reliable. There is some language that makes it difficult for programmers to document the whole project which brings us back to one of the major issues. The building up of a project can be extremely daunting when it comes to another programming language.

However, when we go for Python then there are no such issues that might halt the process. The best part is that python is ruling for so many years that make it even more easy to get tutorial. In addition to this, there are several guides and documents present online and offline that makes it easy for new programmers to deal with it.

The best part is that it has a rich and active community of programmers that work to provide their support to developers. Also, there is no limit for help in the community that makes it even more popular. Hence, one can easily work if they are new in the community.

3. Cross-platform language

Another of the best feature about python is that it is extremely diverse when it comes to the operating system. In simple words, python can be used for any type of operating system such as Linus, Windows, Ubuntu, etc. Hence, one can easily run off a software without worrying about system support. It can be interpreted in the language with the help of a portable feature that makes it beneficial to use. In brief, write code on the Mac platform and run it smoothly on Windows as well. There is no need to write a code in multiple languages with it.

Since the features and reasons to use Python are clear, let us move forward to the future of python. There is no doubt that python has managed to outrun other languages that are taking it to the top. Hence, it has a wide set of opportunities that can be taken care off in future. If anything, it has increased with time and has gone more than 45% in just a few years. There are numbers of companies that are dependent on python developers to enhance user experience.

The businesses are working on python skills and experience of the programmers that allows them to achieve a lot more. There is a better career opportunity when it comes to python as well as salary scope. Few of them are as follow:

  • Data Scientist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

As per the survey and job research, it was calculated that there are over 40,000 jobs that are entirely for python experienced developers in major countries. In addition to this, internet search tags are also higher for python only in the countries that made it the most popular one among developers. It is said that Data science combined with python has the best career and future taking one to new heights.

IT companies are now depending on python for the major work. They are now embracing this programming language with open arms making it one of the best source to work on. If this is a shocker for anyone that the topmost firm such as CIA – Central Intelligence Agency also depends on python in order to update their website.

Python and its future

Python has topped the list of a programming language that simply makes it the most favorite among all another language. There is no doubt that no other language is able to compete with it since it is developing at a huge rate. The applications are usually established with the help of python only such as game or web. Hence, even in the future for the coming decade, it is going nowhere. If anything it might go to a new level with AI involvement.

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