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Inferring the Future of Mobile Application Development with AI

10 years ago, enterprises were facing major challenges in adapting to the new mobile ecosystem. All companies whether small or large faced tremendous difficulties in ensuring their presence on mobile. Fast forward to today now companies have successfully built their presence using mobile apps. In fact, mobile is not new to anyone. The UI/UX, usage and features of every application are more or less the same.

What comes as a differentiating factor is a level of intelligence shown by the app. With the major improvement in machine learning, we are now able to add cognitive abilities to applications on any platform. And this is the next competitive ground for businesses. In this blog, we will understand the potential future of mobile application development in the light of advancements in artificial intelligence and customer insights.

Cognitive Intelligence:

Modern apps are not built to just automate a routine task. Now, the focus is to make them smart so that they can understand logic and improve on their own capabilities. We will now be using predictive insights to offer smart services to the consumer based on their upcoming requirements. This will be feasible because of the combined advancement in cloud applications and big data analysis.

Imagine a simple scenario, today if you want to book a ticket you choose web or mobile, sometimes even chatbots, but what about your journey? How can mobile play an important role to improve consumer experience throughout the journey and not just in booking tickets or securing a web check-in? This is a where enterprises are now leading on. The future applications will strategically use data to improve customer experience throughout their journey by making the mobile apps smart.

Omni-channel Experience:

The number of communication channels has increased multifold. Internet which was once a single channel is now holding many different touchpoints in one place. These touchpoints include chatbots, social media, review sites, websites, web apps and affiliate networks. Businesses need to ensure a seamless customer experience across all these channels. The data from all the channels need to be synchronized and stored in one place so that a consumer can start the journey from one medium and continue it to an another.

For example, the user can book tickets online, manage check-in using smartwatch and go through identification using a non-obtrusive biometric system. We need a focal point to manage these transactions. Mobile being the channel with highest market potential proves to be an ideal choice. Hence, mobile applications will no more be just another medium of communication. We will see a fundamental shift from managing every channel separately to creating an omnichannel customer experience using mobile apps.

Continuous Improvement:

With rapidly evolving technology and cut-throat competition, it is challenging to stay relevant. Businesses need to ensure continuous improvement of their customer experience, processes, and IT systems. We need to continuously test, create and evolve. The advent of cloud has made this a lot easier.Businesses can no more rely on traditional infrastructure to meet the changing market dynamics.

Hence mobile apps will no longer be a make and forget project. They will be continuously adapting to the changing needs and preferences of the consumers. We no longer need a waterfall approach to development. It is the agile philosophy that will rule the tasks of the future. Real-time insights on consumer behavior will help us evolve an app using the data gathered over time.

Overall the advent of modern technology in mobile application development has created a dramatic change in the thought process of enterprises. The focus has shifted from improving the experience on one channel to providing smart experience across the range of channels. Surely artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data analysis, IoT and AR/VR will make it to the best trends lists you can find but the focus will now be on customers and not on technologies.

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