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Experience a new world through Augmented Reality in Advertising!

Augmented reality combines best of both digital and physical world, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to interact with users. Augmented reality (AR) has become one of the most sought after and innovative advertising trends.

Stay updated with the latest announcements on Augmented Reality: 

Today, almost every brand is joining the AR bandwagon to create sensation and gain customers attention and involvement. For instance; Google’s augmented reality eyewear project (known as “Project Glass”) and its accompanying video have generated a lot of interest about the future of communication and technology. Seamless integration of the visual world with information technology has opened new avenues for businesses.

Some of the companies are using AR to virtually try eye-wear, garments and other objects as a marketing gimmick. In the next few years, technology will not only allow shoppers to virtually wear garments but also allow smelling, hearing and feeling the fabric as if the garment is in your hands. 

Some companies are even re-defining virtual reality experiences by developing their unique in-house AR technologies and platforms. For instance, Scheels unveiled an AR fishing display at the grand opening of All Sports Superstore in Sandy, Utah. This interactive fishing display enables shoppers to hold one of several digital fish and thereafter take and upload their pictures holding “trophy catch.”

Such ad-campaigns and virtual reality experiences are not only generating a lot of client interest but huge RoI as well.Offering clients an overwhelming experience simultaneously with marketing is beneficial not only for clients but business organizations as well. Similarly, several companies are using AR for creating brand awareness along with brand positioning to ensure their identity in the market.

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