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Essentials of a Good VR Video

VR or Virtual Reality has become very popular these days. Every single person knows what a virtual reality actually is! But don’t worry if you don’t know anything about this term. This article is especially for those people who want to learn about the VR and want to know how a good VR video is accessible. Gaming, movies, pictures everything includes virtual reality these days. But nobody is concerned how the VR video is made. There are a few steps which will need some equipment to make a great VR video.

The term virtual reality comes naturally from its name and definition of ‘virtual’ and ‘Reality’. Virtual can be defined as ‘almost’ or ‘closed to’ and Reality can be defined as the ‘experience or state of things which actually exist’. Combining them together the virtual reality definitions become ‘closed to reality’ or ‘almost real life’. Virtual reality can be meant anything, usually, it is defined to the type of reality emulation. Everything we feel and touch is a part of a sensory system. In virtual reality, we feel the same senses and give information to the brain and act accordingly. Human Brain sense-making mechanism makes it feel like as we are actually in the virtual world. In short, our senses can also be present in the virtual world.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality in technical term can be very easy to describe. A three-dimensional world is created with the help of software and tools. This 3D environment is described in virtual reality which can be accessed by a human. This 3D environment can be a video game, a picture or a video. Using a specific tool and gear a person can be able to interact and explore this three-dimensional environment and becomes a part of a virtual emulation. He can do actions, observe in the real 3D world or performs manipulations.   

There are various special gears and simulators which can provide us the illusion of the virtual world. Also, there are various tools which can be used to build the 3D virtual world. Creating a three-dimensional environment sounds way more typical but can be easily created with few steps and tips. Simulating the virtual world with the senses of the human brain is rather typical. There are several concepts and technical theories which have helped to make a better virtual reality world.

Essentials of the virtual reality play the important role. They let us feel and stimulate our senses and make us connected to the virtual world. Let us see the various essential parts of a good virtual reality environment which you can enjoy.

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Essentials of a Good Virtual Reality Video

 There are various companies which makes great 3D virtual reality films and videos. There are essentials through which a good VR video can be built hence they are explained briefly in the below section.

1. Camera:

To make a good VR video there is important equipment which you’ll need. VR video is generally a 360-degree virtual video. You’ll need specialized equipment which can shoot the video in all the possible directions like back, front, top, bottom or all sides. To make a 360-degree video, you’ll need a special camera like Gear 360. It is a special camera equipped with two lenses which can shoot 360-degree. But these types of equipment are generally the entry-level equipment. There is cinematic company name Jaunt who believes that the VR video should not only be 360-degree but also 3D. In order to achieve 3D with the camera, you’ll need multiple cameras pointed in the same direction. In the same way, which our eyes work, our brain takes each of the pictures from the eyes and calculates the difference between the left and the right eye, and figures out the field of depth. Thus, showing us the 3D object. Keeping this in mind Jaunt builds their 3D camera known as Jaunt one. The equipment has 24 cameras which can shoot an object at multiple sides.   

2. Virtual Audio:

As per the audio of the VR video which is a completely different ball game in the world of the VR. For audio, a mic is used called a TetraMic. This mic contains 4 mics and by the use of specific software, 4 mics can be used. The software uses these 4 mics and determines where the sound should come from 360 degrees of the room. Using this process and synchronizing it with the camera which will give you a complete surround sound experience, it can also determine where the sounds need to be come out from the two channels which you’ve plugged in your left and right ears. This brings up one of the big challenges of filming VR video, which is an amazing thing as a user of a VR and a complete nightmare for a director. Sign of a good VR video is displayed by the audio. Audio needs to be coming out from the object in a 360-degree To process and create a 3D audio, highly advance software is used. Software like Core Sound, VVMic or Ambisonic is the most popular software used to create VR audio.

3. Editing of the footage:

After the shots have been captured from the 3D cameras, the next step is to edit them. 3D VR software is generally used to edit these footages. In most VR cameras you can take that particular 360-degree footage into your software and put it in a form of a rectangular video. You can then view and edit them. You can remove the unwanted extras which you don’t need in a VR video. You can also download a plug-in which will allow you to move around this footage in 360 by using a mouse or a VR headset. After editing the video you can edit the audio. Audio is a little bit more complicated. Using the software you can actually record audio in a 360-degree view and automatically convert it into the stereo output.

4. Watching a VR video:

After filming and editing, the final thing that left is to play the VR video. But where can you play the VR video? You’ll need to buy a VR headset which can play the VR video. But most of the VR headsets are quite expensive. Thus, the mobile phones have become the next station where you can watch the 360-degree video. SmartPhones can use VR app which can make their phone VR enable. You can buy a cheap VR headset and use it to watch the VR video. You can put your phone into the VR headset and can easily watch the VR content.

Thus, to build a good VR video you’ll need essentials which are explained above. Also, you’ll need good crew members through which this can be made possible.

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