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Developing a Virtual Reality App – 6 Things to Consider

Virtual Reality used to be something people only dreamed of. Since then, it has been developing over time, becoming more popular. The fact that it has so many applications is great, too. It’s most commonly used in gaming, however. This shouldn’t be a surprise as being able to interact with the characters in a game is very appealing. 

The headsets first started being used with mobiles. There was a slot where you could insert your phone. Such headsets are regarded as dated these days. Standalone and PC ones are now more common. 

Creating a VR app is not hard – the future is now. But how successful it is depends on several factors. You especially need to make note of the industry your app would be a part of. No need to fret, we ran through a list of 6 things to consider when creating your program. 

What Is Virtual Reality? 

Virtual reality is a simulated world that you get to explore. VR headsets let you immerse yourself in it through sound and sight.  The graphics you view can be adjusted. It can get so immersive that you’ll be able to use 360-degree vision when playing. 

As mentioned, VR can be used for a range of things. It’s most commonly used for games but virtual reality in the education industry has been on the rise.  

Your app’s extensiveness would depend on whether it is a standalone or for PC. Standalone virtual reality headsets are more common. They’re more affordable after all, but don’t provide as intense of an experience as their PC counterparts. 


You need to choose between going for a 360-degree experience or something less interactive. If it’s for a game, this would also influence the cost. Gamers would most likely prefer immersing themselves in a world with 360-degree vision. It might not be as useful if your app would be for educational purposes, like a simulated classroom. 

You should know that developing a more interactive and realistic app would require a higher budget. This would make or break the users’ experience. 


To fully be immersed in a game, users need a great audio experience. Your app may be suitable for simple VR headsets, and you might rely on its built-in speakers. But as you can imagine, you wouldn’t get such an immersive experience as you would with headphones. That’s why your application should be supported by headsets that can connect to other devices. Those that can be connected to computers do the job. 


Speaking of immersing yourself in the VR world, consider whether your application would make use of controllers. If it does you’ll have to spend more to get it integrated. However, this would make the experience better as users would be able to make their way through the world you created with ease. Different headsets come with different controllers. Some of them feel better in the hand, and your app should be supported by these. 

If the app is available for PC, it will most likely use a headset that comes with a great controller. They tend to be more expensive than their counterparts, so they come with such perks. 


Speaking of PCs, it’s no surprise that VR software is extensive. They’re especially taxing for computers. When creating an application for PCs, make note of how heavy duty a CPU or GPU should be to support it. Target specs that GPUs like the Asus GeForce GTX 1660 or XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX Edition could handle. They’re not hard to find and are known to be great graphic cards for VR. 

If the software you’re creating is demanding, it will probably offer a very immersive experience. That being said, the fact that it uses up so many resources might discourage users. They would need to upgrade their systems heavily to make use of the program, and spend a lot in the process. 


What most people don’t consider when creating apps is how to market it to the public. Even if it’s a great program, there is no point if no one uses it. You should dedicate a chunk of your budget to marketing. Advertising through social media is probably the best move. 

Many new developers work with experts in the field. If you’re developing an app for the health industry, having a hospital sponsor it would put your name out there. If you’re developing a game, getting in touch with gaming blogs and Youtube channels would go a long way. They could try also try out your application, and provide a review to help others make a purchase. 


Last but not least, would your program be free? If it’s not, the price would affect how popular it becomes. VR applications for the PC tend to cost more than those for a standalone. When headsets for mobiles were still in use, apps for these were free. They didn’t cost as much to make either. 

Final Thoughts 

VR is certainly taking the world by storm. The tech used to crop up only in science-fiction stories before, but now that it has become a reality, it’s amazing what it can be used for. Many people confuse it with AR. The two go hand-in-hand, but VR arguably has more uses. 

When it comes to producing a VR application, the most important thing to consider is the industry your app would cater to. If it’s a game, sound and control would be crucial. But if it’s for education, availability and extensiveness would be more important. 

Whatever niche or field your app would target, you need to consider how to market it. You should think about factors like how to allocate enough funds for advertising, so that more people will be exposed to your product.

Pricing is another aspect to consider. Do you want to make profits or keep the pricing low, so that more people can have access to it?


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