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Debunking technology myths for 2020


Happy New Year from all of us at NewGenApps! Since we keep writing about technology and how tech advances are changing the work landscape, we thought we'd start the new year with breaking certain myths around technology.

With this decade, we are marching towards the technological revolution. We are getting one step closer to the third industrial revolution where technology will play the pivotal role. In such a scenario, people need to stay ready for the technological improvements and innovations. Awareness is crucial for everyone. It is important for everyone to understand the impact of technology in the coming years. You can read various tech magazines and online articles to gather information. However, you should remember that everything which you read on the internet is not true.

When it comes to technological changes for the future, you shall find a lot of information available on the internet. Different experts have different points of views on this matter. Are those things good enough to believe? To find the answer to this question, you need to check the following section of this article. We have noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding technological changes in the future. Many absurd predictions have been made, and those predictions need to be addressed.

Here’s some popular myths regarding artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, lets see how much truth there is to them.

Myth: Automation will displace people

Today, it is constantly getting said that automation will come with huge burden of unemployment. Due to automation, human intervention will be reduced in a business process. From production to planning, everything can be managed through artificial intelligence or machine intelligence. Is it completely true? We shall inspect the facts and figures in the following section.


It is true that automation will have some impact on the various business sector employments throughout the world. Due to automation, conventional jobs will dry up soon. With machine intelligence, it is easier to bring accuracy in the production process. Nevertheless, overall productivity will also rise. Every business wants to cut down the number of employees as much as possible by embracing technological improvements. But, it does not mean that we are heading towards a jobless society in 2020. As conventional scopes for jobs will get reduced, opportunities in other places will rise.

With the implementation of automation or artificial intelligence, tech based jobs will go up. However, more skilled employees will be needed to handle the jobs in future. Special skill programs should be rolled out everywhere. This will help people to get more jobs in conventional and non-conventional sectors. So, “automation will cause joblessness” is completely a sweeping remark. It is a myth. The truth is that automation will create new scopes for jobs for specialized and skilled individuals.

Myth: AI will cut down production cost

It is believed that AI will cut down production cost to a great extent and this will fetch high profitability for the businesses. The truth is quite different from this statement.


Artificial intelligence can cut down the cost of having employees. However, employers mostly want AI for higher efficiency. Cost may not be reduced drastically, but automation can enhance efficiency significantly. Today, more than 80% of businesses view automation as a thing that will help them to gain competitive edge over the rivals. Beating the rivals will only be possible with improved efficiency in business production. If production becomes higher with minimal human efforts, the business will progress gradually.

So, automation is not just viewed as the next level technology to slash off production cost. In 2020, most of the businesses will adopt automation to enhance efficiency. The businesses can reduce the errors that may happen due to human intelligence. With machine intelligence, it is possible to reduce the mistakes. The mistakes could be costly for the businesses. Hence, a business must look forward to reducing the mistakes as much as possible through innovative technologies.

Myth: Machine Learning = Deep Learning

According to many technological experts, AI or machine learning is similar to deep learning. Well, this is nothing but another myth. There are a lot of differences between these two things. For your seamless understanding, the differences are discussed in the following section.


Machine learning is a thing that is driven by artificial intelligence. There is no human intervention in the machine learning process. Though there is buzz on the machine learning process, the technology is at its premature stage. We may see the technology mature in 2020. But, it is unlikely that the technology will rule the year of 2020. At the same time, it is not fair to relate machine learning with deep learning. Deep learning involves the human brain. Though artificial intelligence will make significant progress, nothing will be able to match the human brain. There is no comparison between machine learning and deep learning. These two terms will stay separate in upcoming years.

Myth: Automation will reduce more jobs than it'll create

A lot of people believe that job loss will continue with automation. This is something that you can see throughout the world. Due to implementation of automation, many conventional jobs have been dried up. But, at the same time, automation has created some jobs. So, which number is bigger? We shall find the answer to this question in the following section.


Many people have stated that automation will create job loss. This is true. On the other hand, many people have stated that automation will also create new job opportunities. This is also a truth. Now, it is crucial to know the difference between job loss and job creation due to automation. Can automation create more jobs than the number of job loss happens due to implementation of this technology? It is not easy to say what will happen in the long run, but recent data says that there is no threat of huge job loss. According to industry sources, 1.8 million jobs will be dried up due to automation in 2020. The same industry source states that 2.3 million new jobs will get created due to automation in 2020. So, there is no concern over huge job loss due to automation.

Myth: Robots are AI

Many people believe that artificial intelligence and robots are the same things. There could be a relation between the two. Is there any difference between the two? They are not equal. In the following section, this myth will also be debunked.


Robotics is a different field of studying. On the other hand, automation is another industry for the technological learners. Robots are a physical thing. Research on robots has been going on for decades. Perfect robots have not been invented yet. With AI, it can be expected that perfect robots will be created soon. AI is similar to the human brain. It does not exist physically. It works in the background of machines. The task of AI is to give intelligence to machines. With AI, machines will also get logical decision-making ability.

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