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Coding in the classroom: 10 tools students can use to design apps and video games


The academic world does not stand still. It undergoes constant transformations. Skills which graduates should have to succeed in the labor market change as well. One of them is coding. In the information era, it is important to know how the Internet, different software, and gadgets work. Kids get acquainted with technology very early. It is the reality in which we all live. Therefore, schools should keep up with time.

Many digital tools and educational apps are actively used by students in the classroom and at home. We already talked about top app development trends for this year, but there are new advanced programs are created each ear. Some software companies even develop platforms which may be used by students to design their own apps tailored for specific tasks and learning styles. In this article, we have presented the list of top 10 programming tools which can boost young people’s knowledge and coding skills.

1. Hackety Hack

This application may be downloaded to any Windows-based device. It is great for studying the general concepts of Ruby. This programming language is used for developing web apps in Rails framework. Users may share their graphical interfaces with professors and peers. Widely used for academic purposes, such as creating an application for a paper writing service or file management systems.

2. Code School

This software presents the basic concepts of JavaScript, Ruby, iOS and HTML/CSS in a simple, detailed, and accessible form. Developers offer many interesting learning strategies. Also, students may plan their own pathways, study additional materials, and get unique coding experience. Users get badges and prizes for good work. This incentive system resembles rewards in video games which kids and teenagers like so much. With Code School, academic life ceases to be a tedious duty and turns into an exciting adventure.

3. Scratch

This MIT Media Lab’s brainchild is based on a unique programming language and designed for learners aged 8-16. It also may be used by older students who want to get the basic idea of how games and animations may be programmed. Scratch helps young people to develop problem-solving skills, presents complex concepts in a fun and attractive form, shows mental processes which coders should have to invent new software.

4. PurposeGames

Web-based app PurposeGames is one more tool allowing to make education exciting and bright. Users can create their own quizzes and games, share projects with relatives, friends, and classmates. It is not obligatory to have a coding background. General programming knowledge would be quite enough. All functions are understandable and intuitive, so anyone would find it easy to make the first steps. Simple products developed on this platform may become the beginning of a great programmer’s path.

5. Treehouse

Treehouse’s developers aim to make tech education affordable to anyone, provide training exercises and video lectures forming both practical and theoretical knowledge. This app is mainly designed for adults studying programming as a core discipline. It may be also used by teenagers wishing to work on interesting challenges and bring their coding proficiency to a new level. Expert instruction and interactive tasks allow to learn coding profoundly, find out interesting details which are not included in basic courses, and hone skills which may prove to be useful at a workplace.

6. Codea

This is a great app for iPad users. Developers worked well to make coding experience impressive and comfortable. Young people may enjoy rich graphics, interesting colors and shapes, convenient interface, intuitive functions, move objects by touch-and-drag method, use multitouch display and accelerometer. The program performs most routine actions automatically, so learners may fully focus on creativity and develop original interactive iPad apps with ease and pleasure.

7. Code Monster and Code Maven

Learners who want to study JavaScript single-handedly or struggle to understand course materials presented by their teachers may take advantage of these programs. Instruction is very simple and suits even preteens. Tutorials start from elementary things and gradually move to complex concepts involving syntax, mathematical calculations, and physical laws. Step-by-step, students may form a solid knowledge base which would help them to reach new mastery levels in coding. Thanks to impressive graphics, education becomes not only efficient but also engaging.

8. Alice

This program helps young people to make the first steps in C++, C#, and Java through creating elementary games and animations. Users work with graphical elements representing standard combinations of programming languages, can drag and drop them to see how different choices influence models’ functioning.

9. AppMakr

This program allows students to create iPhone and Android apps as well as HTML5 websites which may be viewed on mobile phones. There is a free version, but a paid one has more functions.

10. Programmr

This online lab for personalized learning provides 15 coding technologies for developing command-line programs, web, media, and mobile apps. The program checks students’ work and helps them to eliminate knowledge gaps.

Not sure if these are the right tools for you but have an amazing idea? Get in touch with us and ask for student discounts.

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