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How cloud computing is changing the face of healthcare

The world of health care was very much inefficient and under automated costing more money and making it difficult to acclimate to. But with advancement, we now see more technologies coming in like big data, machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, telemetry systems and centralized enormous storage of health records for analytics purpose. The lumbering of health care sector for years in terms of technology has made it mandatory to switch to electronic means for keeping records.

Cloud migration is no doubt essential for the effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability of the healthcare sector. The industries are in turn driving cloud growth by taking advantage of its services to make a real difference in innovation and efficiency. It is helping in maintaining electronic records thus saving on data storage, information accessibility from any location, and while there are possibilities of mishaps, even then the data is preserved with the cloud. The cloud provides advanced clinical research with high-powered data solutions to develop new drugs and presents intriguing possibilities in DNA sequencing too. Apart from these, cloud computing also speeds up things by providing streamlined collaboration, gives access to high-powered analytics for trend-spotting, referral generation, and more personalized care.

Earlier, companies and individual users used to buy their own computers, and after running short of spaces they would buy many hard disks and other harddisks for backup then periodically updating the software, this is similar to the farming your own food when all you need to do is buy. In the end, you just need information. Many companies are coming to help others to manage their data cropping the need of hardware. Cloud computing doesn't let you manage the hardware and software because that the providers do. With this technology you only pay for what you use or need, scaling up or down is easy and upgrades are automatic. Cloud-based apps cost less and they just need you to login to your browser, customize the app and use it thus eliminating any hassle.

Revolutionizing Healthcare industry

Cloud and healthcare are finally coming together. According to Technavio’s research in their report, Global Healthcare Cloud Computing Market 2017-2021, the global healthcare cloud computing market is expected to rise by 21 percent in 2022. Big healthcare companies are now moving their applications to the cloud because of the reliability and security of its infrastructure. Cloud migration has now become a necessity in almost every sector. It is a network of remote servers that are hosted on the Internet to manage, store and process data and the services that are provided by a collection of remote servers over a network.

Also, artificial intelligence and IoT combined with cloud computing is making much progress in the healthcare sector. The concept of ‘smart beds’ is being implemented in few hospitals that can detect the patient's movements and adjust the height accordingly so that there is no need of nurses or any human intervention. There are also home medication dispensers coming up which track if medication is taken on time or not with the help of the data stored in the cloud. Health information trackers helping with patient-physician interaction are also opening up ways for smarter devices to deliver great results in the field of healthcare. With technology beginning to get implemented everywhere, it will fetch great results by reducing costs, improved outcomes of treatments, enhanced patient experience, reduced errors, enhanced management of drugs and improved disease management.

As long as security and privacy of data are maintained, it is certain that it can play a bigger role in the development of new treatments and define the way we understand our bodies.

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