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Why building a Chatbot for your eCommerce business is a good idea

There is no single trail in the world of online shopping. You can have an application, social media account or even emails to get in touch with your audience and abundantly made sales. This has to be a daunting and disorienting way to that lead to a customer with no clear direction. However, this is also the reason to bend to conversational commerce. It is possible to get a hold of messaging application and incorporate your eCommerce idea with it – Chatbots.

Chatbots are slowly becoming the backbone of the industry by engaging the audience and providing them with relevant solutions for any issue. These 24x7 available chatbots depend on Artificial intelligence to get a hold on customer’s preference and to enhance user experience that results in boosting sales. Now, eCommerce industries are earning more than 20 per cent with the help of chatbots. There are so many tasks in eCommerce that are performed by Chatbots such as:

  • Personalized recommendation
  • The automated process of a business
  • Completely augmented team
  • Digital assistance
  • Sending out reminders and notifications
  • Accessing relevant information
  • Broadcasting and advertising
  • Customer support
  • Data collection depending on user feedback
  • Online transactions
  • Up-selling and cross-selling services and products
  • Educating and entertaining users
  • Conducting several researches on market

And the list goes on. In addition to this, there is a pyramid of perspective and opportunity available in the eCommerce industry. After all, we all are acquainted with a famous phrase “The more, the merrier”. However, you know where chatbots can be used but the reason for it is still not known. Hence, here is a list of reasons that made eCommerce industry run for it.

Virtual assistance

Chatbots are like your personal 24x7 customer assistant that solve out their issues easily. They can help a customer with a number of issues including information, payment dispute and even interaction. Let us talk about facts –there is more than 90% of chats that are lost or abandoned by a business that made customer vary of the brand name.

On top of that, customer needs to wait for approximately 24 hours to obtain a reply for companies that made them lose their interest.Here come the bots. They have immensely helped in improving human interaction with companies. They can be assistant, salesperson or even an executive of customer care.

Hassle-free service

Chatbots are developed in such a way that they can easily keep a track on inventories, promote products and also to stock on products. They are helping a lot in business operations, put in efforts for your eCommerce and save a lot of time. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding are used that enable in making eCommerce smarter, brighter and understand command easily.

24x7 Availability

A customer care has a fixed working hour for 9-5 and with the changing trend, they are now depending on working shifts. However, after these benefits also, there are times when no one is available to take calls or send out a reply to the customer when the executive is not on their desk. In such case, Chatbots are the most useful resource. They won’t require any breaks or go to freshen up. They will be on the system for the whole day throughout the day. On top of that, they won’t overwhelm their customer and will solve out their queries easily.

Evolving demands

Artificial intelligence classification stands out of other technologies that have the capability to learn, grow and embrace the positivity of life at a huge level. It has the ability to adopt all the changes and trends of the market easily. This helps in improvement of performance of eCommerce website continuously with changing behavior and norms of the industry. They can easily adapt the work and lifestyle of eCommerce helping them enhance their market sales.

Automated process

There is so much scope of innovation with artificial intelligence that helps in the automation of a process that was done manually in the past. The algorithms are so much intelligent that you can say that 20% of the human brain is involved in the task. Now, there is no need to manually complete the task for data collection and analyses. The algorithms help in easily analyzing data with no involvement of human.

Some eCommerce businesses using Chatbots

There is a number of companies are using chatbots successfully in their eCommerce websites.

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut chatbot is the one that has managed to change the industry a lot. They have collaborated with Twitter and Facebook in which one can order pizza with the help of chatting options. There is no need to call or get online help with this chatting options. On top of that, this option also helps them to get the latest offers and promotions on chats itself. You can get pizza delivered just be downloading an application and then messaging right away.


Another of the bot platform with the Sephora chatbots that offers a lot of makeup tips. In addition to this, it can be used for product recommendations that will be based for a personalized quiz as per the usage of makeup by a customer. This will also redirect customers to get to Sephora site and application to complete certain purchases. They have taken it to a whole new level with the involvement of Sephora Virtual Artists for Facebook. Through this application, you can see how Makeup will look out on the selfies.


This is completed based on the Facebook Messengers that helps in recommending the product to a customer that is based on their order history, search history and request. On top of that, it gives additional features to complete the purchase through bots only without any of the involvement of website or applications.


H&M is a clothing brand that has come up with their chatbots that depends on user question answer. They ask them about their style and sizes with options to upload their pictures. Then, it analyses all the information provided by a customer to come up with the best fashion profile to make recommendations on a product and directly allowing them to make purchases. In addition to this, it also gave a chance to a user to create outfits and also to vote on options given by others. This has made shopping more interactive while improving the user experience.

The brands mentioned above have not only incorporated eCommerce solution in a better way but also are offering multiple features for their users to take advantage of. The main aim of the eCommerce industry is to make shopping more enjoyable and helpful for the customers that will make them come back again.

Do you need help with Chatbot implementations for your website? Do get in touch or fill out the form here.

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