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How Golang is thriving in the software industry


Choosing the right programming language is the most crucial thing for the developers in today’s time. You need to choose a language which is robust and agile. At the same time, it should help you from many aspects. As a programmer, you need to cut off your development time. Saving time is saving money. Moreover, clients become happy, when their projects are completed in a shorter time span. Another crucial thing is the security of the software or application. Choice of programming language has an impact on the overall security features of the application. For enhanced security of the final product, you need to use robust programming language.

When it comes to using robust software development programming language, Golang has been chosen by many people. This programming language has its own unique benefits to offer the programmers. “Go” is basically a compiled language, which takes the inspiration from the syntax of C. So, if you are well-versed with C syntax, you can find Golang to be useful. It will take only a few days to learn this programming language, as syntax is similar to the “C” programming language. Today, Golang has been used by renowned companies, like Netflix, Uber, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. It is expected to grow as an extensively used programming language in future.

Benefits of using Go

So, why has Golang been regarded as the future of programming language? How can it help the developers? To find the answers to these questions, you need to understand the salient benefits of using this programming language. These benefits are discussed in the following section of this piece of article.

1. A product of Google

You can trust Golang for an advanced programming language. It comes with many unique features for programmers so that programming becomes easier. The best thing about the product is that it is backed by the finance of Google. Since Google has invested in this programming language, developers can trust this programming language. This programming language has been developed as a future-proof language. Since the product is backed by Google, it is anticipated that the programming language will come with high end security.

2. Open source programming language

Being an open source programming language, Golang has become one of the most preferred programming languages by many people. Open source languages have their unique benefits. First of all, the library is rich with a lot of valuable and crucial information. You can learn about various commands and syntaxes through the library queries. For learning the open source language, you shall find various forums. Successful Golang developers share their tips and ideas with others. Moreover, experienced programmers enrich the open source platform through their updates and inputs. With Golang open source language, you shall get all these crucial and interesting features.

3. Swift and flawless

Golang has been regarded as a swift and flawless programming language that is enriched with interesting features. The most crucial thing that you shall notice about this programming language is the simplistic syntax and structure. Hence, it does not take a lot of time to work with this programming language. Developers can enhance their speed of crafting the codes for the software or applications. As a result, overall productivity of the developers rises. The language has been compiled in a way so that it can deliver faster feedback. At the same time, it should save your time and money.

4. Concurrent

At this time, concurrency is regarded as an important thing. This is the era of technology, and thus we shall find various multi-tasking gadgets, apps and products around us. For a computing device, multi-tasking is essential. For software or applications, multitasking adds more value. It helps the businesses to progress. Golang comes with efficient concurrency, which is similar to programming languages like Java, C, C++, etc. Programmers can find this programming language to be concurrent. As a result, you shall obtain seamlessness as a programmer when you are using it for the application development projects.

5. Cross platform

This programming language features versatility. That means it can be employed in different platforms including Linux, Windows, Unix, BSD, etc. It also works well with many other operating systems. Being a crops platform programming language, it possesses the potential to sustain as a vital programming language in future. Being a cross platform programming language, it adds convenience for the developers who want to build their applications on multiple platforms. Finding a robust and feature rich cross-platform programming language is not an easy thing. There are limited options. Among those limited options, Golang looks quite promising.

6. Garbage collection

This programming language comes with a few advanced and unique features. These features make the life of the programmers comfortable. For example, the Garbage Collector feature of this programming language is worth mentioning. This feature comes with automatic memory cleaning facility for the programmers. When memory becomes full, programmers have to spend a lot of time to find the garbage codes to clean up the space. This programming language comes with automatic garbage detection and cleaning feature. It will save you time. Nevertheless, it is quite annoying to deal with the garbage codes. Programmers can only focus on their application or software development without thinking about the memory or space.

7. Fewer bugs

For a developer, achieving perfection is the most important thing. When mistakes happen, bugs get created. These mistakes cause malfunctioning of the application or software. Fixing the bugs is a continuous process, and there is a dedicated department for managing the bugs. The department is known as the software testing department. To reduce the hassles of the software testing and maintenance department, you need to write codes flawlessly. Even the smallest mistakes should be avoided. For that, you need support from the programming language. With Golang, you shall get the convenience of accurate programming. Hence, lesser bugs will be created. It makes the final application or software more satisfactory for the users.

Some potential drawbacks of Go

Among the good things, it is also vital to discuss the possible downsides of this programming language. The downsides are discussed in the following section.

– This programming language comes with less flexibility than other dynamically typed languages.
– One of the major drawbacks of the programming language is the absence of the third party modules.
– Though syntax is derived from the C programming language, there are many innovative and unique features. Hence, learning C programming language will not make you a default programmer on the Golang language.
– Absence of the generics is another striking drawback of the web programming language. Generics will allow writing the codes which can be reused. As a result, it can save time and efforts of the developers.

Despite these drawbacks, the future of Golang is looking bright as it comes with a lot of good features. It comes with robust security features which make the final product secured for the users. Nevertheless, it comes with features that reduce struggles of the developers or programmers. Due to all these interesting and advanced features, Golang has become one of the most advanced programming languages in today’s time.

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