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How Businesses can Use Twitter 

40 Twitter Tools You Can Use in Your Marketing Strategy

Have you ever noticed just how many businesses and brands are starting to pop up on the various different social media platforms and want to know if this is beneficial to them? Are you thinking about marketing your business or brand on twitter and want to know how it will benefit your business before you get started? Twitter is a social media site that is used by businesses, brands, and individuals alike. On twitter you can share your thoughts in 140 characters or less, and add some kind of visuals to make it a bit more interesting. 

These days twitter has become an essential part of marketing for companies who want to connect with their customers and potential clients. It is also a great way for people to interact with their favourite businesses or brands. As a new business on twitter, it may be a bit confusing, but if you need help, here are a few tips. 

Use Hashtags and Services 

One tool that far too many people tend to overlook when it comes to social media marketing, is hashtags. Hashtags are an incredible tool to make use of because of just how far they can extend the reach of your content. Not only this, but they also make your content far more visible to people who would be more likely to enjoy it. However, if you just can’t figure out the right hashtags for your content, you could also enlist the help of a marketing service.

Twesocial is an organic twitter marketing service that will help you grow your account, as well as allow you to buy Twitter followers. They will handle everything from posting to engagement, and all you need to do is provide them with the content. 

Engage with Customers        

When it comes to marketing on any kind of social media platform, but Twitter in particular, engagement is key. Engagement is one of the biggest factors which determine the growth and success of your account. The more engagement you receive, the more successful your account will become. However, receiving engagement isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if your content doesn’t reach many people yet. 

Twitter offers a multitude of ways in which you can engage with your audience as a business and make your brand known to the public. You can do this through direct messages, liking and commenting on other users’ content, sharing other users’ content, and even following other users that you would like to follow back. 

By engaging yourself, you encourage others to engage with your account and you make your content more visible to a much larger audience. 

Provide Customer Service  

These days, many businesses are situated online, or have some form of online presence in the form of a website. The problem with online stores is that you can’t just walk in and talk to someone directly for help, you need to go through some kind of customer service. Oftentimes you will find call lines or email addresses that businesses will use for customer service, but sometimes these just aren’t as effective or it is difficult to get through to someone. 

Twitter has made providing customer service so much easier. For the simpler and easier to answer question, you could make use of Twitter chat bots, which is essentially just artificial intelligence that can answer customers’ basic questions. For more complicated questions, people can communicate with you through direct messaging, and get feedback as soon as someone sees the messages. This is a great way to provide customer service because it is quick and easy

Post Entertaining Content Consistently  

When it comes to posting on twitter for marketing purposes, you may be tempted to just post advertisements for your products. While this may have worked in traditional marketing, this doesn’t cut it for social media marketing. You need to be posting entertaining and engaging content that will keep the interest of your target audience to increase your followers

Once you have figured out what kind of content it is that your audience enjoys and engages with, you then need to figure out a posting schedule. Posting consistency is important when it comes to twitter marketing because of just how many tweets are posted in a day. In order to get your content seen by your target market; you need to be posting consistently at the same time every day.

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