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Blockchain Technology: an important asset for Digital Disruption


Blockchain Technology is one of the crucial inventions in the field of technology. During the last few years, there was much hype on the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. But blockchain is a different story. Blockchain technology is one of the best known for behind the invention of Bitcoin, but several industries are gaining unparalleled benefits from this technological invention. Before we take a look at the sectors and companies experimenting with these technical benefits, let’s break down this technology, so we are all on the same page.

Blockchain technology seems to be a big fancy word that describes the act of recording situations in a database. The database is called the blockchain. Once enormous data is added to the blockchain, it is difficult to remove and difficult to alter in any manner. The blockchain possesses a verifiable record of history.

Types of blockchain

Based on the participants and users of this technology, blockchain is categorized as public, private, or hybrid. This is similar to the comparison of the public internet and a company’s intranet. 

Public and permission-less: Public and permissionless blockchains are just the bitcoin, the original blockchain. All transactions and situations in these blockchains are open to the public, and no permissions are required to join these entries.

Private and permissioned: These blockchains are open to limited members, transactions are private, and permission from the user or a manager is required to join this kind of network. These are often used by private corporates or professionals to manage industry or business value chain opportunities.

Hybrid blockchains: Hybrid Blockchains is an additional area in this emerging concept of side-chain. This allows users from different blockchains viz public or private to communicate with one another. This enables transactions between participants across various blockchain networks.

Blockchain has the potential to change the world

Yes, you read it right. Studies were conducted by the Expert Technological Management Panel, where they claimed that the ever-growing blockchain technology is destined to disrupt the overall nature of the global economy. This might include significant changes like:

  • How organizations are financed and managed
  • How companies create substantial value in the market 
  • How businesses perform their essential regular functions such as marketing, accounting, and many other tasks
  • In certain cases, advanced software will eradicate the need for many management functions

While the hype is still growing gradually, blockchain is still developing. This can be a massive concern for technical experts and scientists.

Just looking to the volatile and fluctuating nature of bitcoin is enough to make anyone think twice about investing their efforts — time and money in such a challenging and unstable market.

In the year 2017, Bitcoin value has risen to almost $20,000 as compared to only $6,000. However, it is imperative to remember that blockchain and Bitcoins are not the same things. Blockchain is very much more than the typical cryptocurrency.

Huge investments are being made in the technological field like blockchain. Due to this situation, venture-capital funding in blockchain startups, businesses have grown up by $1 billion in previous years. 

How Blockchain is impacting the global market

Blockchain technology is set to show its impeccable impact on all major areas of business in the coming years. This will ultimately cause large-scale disruption to the global economy as a whole. It has begun already.

Here are five multiple aspects that blockchain is changing business and the companies as a whole:

1) Advertising and Marketing

Studies made by the Research experts depicted that advertisers and marketing firms lose over $50 million daily to fraudulent activities.

“Click fraud” is at the leading cause of this issue. This is ultimately costing higher amounts to many companies as they attempt to develop and expand their markets in the digital age.

By adopting this impeccable blockchain technology, advertising executives and other marketing experts can avail better protection, which ensures that the marketing ROI of the business doesn’t suffer. According to technological and research experts, the principles of blockchain technology were developed to stop and eradicate banking fraud globally completely.

Companies and large business houses can use the system to track and manage their budget spending and income, all the way to final publication. These steps reduce the risk of being overcharged, and it also guarantees better performance of the business in the long run.

2) Human Resources

It is easy to notice that machine learning technology is the tonic of the Human Resources department. However, there is much tech help needed to effectively evaluate, hire, compensate, scrutinize, and even terminate employees.

The Society for Human Resource Management(HRM) considers that blockchain technology will streamline and modernize the hiring process. This will make it possible for HR executives and managers to verify candidates and current employees in real-time.

Any concerns of third-parties that interfere with inappropriate data on job applicants will be blocked to do so. Furthermore, payroll will be regularized and streamlined, even for the huge multinational corporations, business, and companies with mixed staff.

The long-term effects of this will change the way of investing for retirement, as more employees will seek out valuable investments in blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

3) Accounting

Of all business and corporate fields, the one industry gaining a lot of benefits from blockchain technology will be accounting and financing sector. Accountancy departments can easily manage large-scale global operations. Also, they can handle multiple currencies and complicated tax codes of the businesses and clientele.

For any economy or a company, this area demands perfection. With blockchain, these tasks become a whole lot easier to achieve.

Investing and adopting in this revolutionary and impeccable technology will be beneficial, and fraudulent activities will be significantly minimized, if not eliminated. It also gives a platform to confidentiality and total anonymity.

One of the best examples to be taken is the Prime Ball lottery system, that was the first user of blockchain technology. This significantly changed the lottery market and also, removed the third-party involvement and also positively affected the results.

4) IT and Cybersecurity

Global cybersecurity is gradually gaining paramount importance today, with a market worth more than $120 billion.

 Small and medium-sized businesses and large corporates are taking active precautions against attacks against data breaches at Equifax, Yahoo, and Target.

The private data of so many Americans were suffered. Further, sensitive information was out, such as residential addresses, mobile numbers, names, and social security numbers.

Blockchain can save these all at once. It can record digital transactions in a highly secured and efficient way. This offers transparency and protection to the company data and companies.

It’s not a surprise that even higher levels of government and corporates are interested in blockchain’s capabilities as this becomes a matter of national security.

5) Management

Focusing on management and business Blockchain technology can streamline all the business needs and operations. This will benefit them to gain profits and long term growth.

Blockchain can tackle the problems of high inflation rates, depreciation, and regular currency devaluation with extensive use of cryptocurrency. Which will facilitate better regulation of the financial transactions in developing nations of the world?

What's next for Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is gradually attracting a lot of global attention and high hopes for bringing in a revolutionary change.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe are trying to invest their valuable resources and efforts to gain unparalleled benefits from the businesses. Especially they can make perfect decisions in the business that leads to ideal business strategies, growth, expansion, and development.

This hacker-proof and comprehensive technology were just more than a buzzword behind the invention bitcoin sometime earlier. Now, it serves as the foundation on which the world’s economy can be built on the base of the digital transformation.

At its core, Blockchain technology is one of the best platforms to protect people’s rights, businesses, and their privacy. The possibilities have no limitations, and these can go a long way into the digital future.

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