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Big predictions in CRM for 2019 in retail

Big predictions in CRM for 2019 in retail


Finding and implementing a CRM is one of the essential tasks for any company that develops in the world of eCommerce and retail. Having a strategy with a CRM system optimized to measure and the way of working of the company, you could say that it is the difference between achieving an amazing success and getting a well documented failure with your work team.

For this reason, it is crucial and fundamental for the companies in these areas to acquire knowledge about the news and trends regarding the CRM systems, and thus have a better knowledge of the market in which your business is developed. Before entering fully on the latest trends of a CRM system according to how the market demands have been developed, it is important to understand what customer relationship management is all about.

In the network, we can find thousands of definitions of CRM, since this can be obtained according to personal experience, work style, the business in which one develops, etc. In this case, according to the target audience of this article and to personal criteria, define CRM as the way in which your technical service and sales team communicate with your current clients or potential clients. In short, the paramount for a business to be successful, not in vain is it commented, in the case of cafes or restaurants, "it does not matter if the food is up to the task, what matters is the treatment to the client".

1. The most effective way to approach business

There is something indisputable and easy to recognize in the marketing world. This is that there are about five main points for which any online business has to go through so that this becomes a real business, with stable sales and, fundamentally, that is profitable. Usually going through these points is somewhat complicated for someone without experience as it involves working on a wide variety of communication channels, such as landing pages in English, automated marketing campaigns, social networks, among others.

However, it is not enough to give more importance or prominence to one or some of these communication channels, it is necessary and important that all those who wish to be involved in the world of eCommerce and digital marketing understand and assimilate that it is very necessary to be able to offer a pleasant experience to the consumer or customer in a constant way.

2. Mobility 2-0

Something difficult to achieve in any CRM system and for its developers is to increase sales that are made through mobile phones, tablets or from any other device. That is why having versatility this year will be something very important that users will have to take into account when choosing a CRM system. In addition, as technology advances and trends change, it is fundamental for developers of CRM use and implement their work in the wide variety of devices, such as voice aids, mobile devices and incorporates all these new functions in one place.

Implementing this technology in the systems, implies adding a new problem, which focuses on the processing of different languages, a solution that would allow CRM systems to add specific functions according to the region, such as interaction with customers through voice, in addition to registering and update important events or events for each client and improve the "customer-store" relationship.

Mobility is to ensure that CRM systems maintain proper functioning on a constant basis in all communication channels, leading them through innovative and technological solutions.

3. CRM in social networks

Absolutely all brands are looking for ways to optimize and improve their presence in social networks. They want to use social networks to approach target customers, that is why the tendency to use them is a fact and will be even more important in 2019.

In fact, something that will become common is that CRM systems will be implemented the use of bots to interact with customers. It also opens the door for companies to gain access to data and important information related to the opinion, behavior pattern and tastes of their customers. All this increasing of problems in their majority will be solved by bots, what means that it will go in favor of the workers optimizing the time of work.

A CRM used in the use of social networks during this 2019, must also implement or develop some prediction algorithm. This will allow companies, in some way, to predict the behavior of their customers, anticipating possible needs and expectations and thus improving sales and loyalty rates.

4. A new technique to send messages

The sending of personalized messages, it is one of the biggest and most notable trends in different business areas and of course it will be a trend in CRM systems. This will allow efficiently that CRM systems can use new methods to reach potential consumers at the exact moment, increasing the percentage of open messages, using personalized messages that captivate the attention of the recipients

There are also tools that will allow analyzing the functioning of AI in a more complete way. This will allow the bots to identify, develop and schedule the moment a message will be sent to a client.

It was known that the demographic data of users or customers was important, but now we will see that the CRM system carries much more information, you can create customer profiles with more accurate data which can be used to make new market segmentations, solutions for new market niches, tracking customer traffic, determining specific sales patterns, etc. This combination of results obtained through the data collected, will contribute to carry out a major change and provide more effective solutions for all businesses that work with CRM systems.

5. Ideal of Artificial Intelligence

As in any other digital market solution, the AI will reach the CRM systems and will have a great impact. It is likely that there is no exact knowledge of when AI will become a feature that cannot be lacking in CRM systems, but we are part of the generation that observes the new, numerous and innovative solutions resulting from the implementation of AI in the field of e-commerce.

With the correct implementation of the AI, it will be possible for the CRM systems to improve in aspects in which, up to now, they have problems or are not efficient, and thus optimize the volume of work to improve costs and improve strategies that are currently used. The aspects most benefited with the implementation of AI and robot learning would be predictive analytics, the order processing language, among others. Aspects that CRM systems need to improve.

Anyway, the AI will also give the possibility to implement new ideas in the field of interacting with the client, offering personalized actions that will take into account the algorithms directed and analyzed by the robot and will make this as human as possible.

When the AI has the ability to remember patterns and rules of behavior and thus develop a better conversation with customers, it will allow developers to improve the functioning of CRM.

6. Service where your own solutions are applied

One of the many problems that companies, businesses and eCommerce stores encounter is that potential clients simply abandon or discard the order due to the fact that their queries or doubts are not completely clarified or the answer is late. This means that to improve and have greater efficiency it is necessary that the response time is as short as possible, therefore the application of IT (Information Technology) improves the CRM systems in this aspect and makes possible the application of own solutions of the clients. In other words, a system that is flexible to the needs or form of work of the integration applicant.

The possibility in which the solutions of each one can be applied in a CRM system will allow the possibility of adjusting and optimizing the communication, making reviews or responding immediately to the clients and acquiring customer data that the companies can use for their later benefit in very specific aspects.

7. Interaction with IoT

The Internet of Things has allowed greater contributions to the various sectors in eCommerce last year, but what benefits does this trend bring to CRM systems?

It will allow programmers to integrate into the CRM system as many sources of information input as mobile phones, cars, and portable devices and other platforms and new technologies for further processing and segmentation. This will ensure that developers have the possibility to offer an experience according to the needs of the business with the advantage of having more sources of data and information flow.

For CRM systems to be more effective, it is always necessary to be at the forefront of new trends in the market and the demands of customers. In the market there are few CRM systems that offer all these advantages, or at least most of these as a whole. Since at the moment it is common for the client to have to integrate and accommodate their work according to the CRM system, when this should be the opposite, the system should be arranged and executed according to the client's work mode. Finally, to keep the business not only afloat, but rather within the leadership positions, it is necessary and fundamental to implement a CRM system according to the specific business strategies and that contemplates the possibility of including any of these trends in the short term, in order to manage the relationship with its clients competently and with an optimal performance.

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