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Best Program for Open Source App Development

Why are mobile apps in acute need? Because the smartphone industry is growing rapidly and people are accustomed to different kinds of apps. It makes sense that if your business does not have an app, it will fall into trouble in a little while. Do you think app development is complicated? It is wrong! In these times, you even don’t have to learn convoluted coding or recruit a developer. You just need to focus on the latest app development trends.

Many platforms have established open source app development frameworks to create efficient apps considering users’ necessities. They are formed to create your own business app with less or no coding knowledge. Here we listed 12 widely used open-source platforms. Let’s give one of them a try.


Swing2App offers to create a workable mobile app without any coding knowledge. Using this cloud-based platform, you can make an app within a few minutes. Besides, it lets you check the real-time UI and performance. 

The program provides a dashboard to handle members’ activities. The system remains active for 24/7 hours. You can manage it from anywhere through both Android and IOS. 


This is an entirely free tool to build apps for Android, IOS, and web. Buildfire is popular for its high customization facility. Users need not know any coding.  The platform offers numerous drag and drops elements to create basic to advanced apps.

You can aggregate the program with almost all third party APIs. It supports about ten thousand apps, which is an excellent feature of this platform.


PhoneGap is an extremely adaptable mobile app development platform. It works on IOS, Android, Windows, and others. Using this open-source program, you can develop an app that can be used on any mobile operating system. 

It is well-matched with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML that saves time and effort. Moreover, you can expand its capability as a developer by adding plug-in architecture. 


NativeScript is a widespread framework for designing a native app for Android and IOS. It is a professional app development software with complete designing and styling sets. This is an outstanding tool for having handy features like troubleshooting, performance analysis, and entry to any native platform.


Swiftic is an IOS app development program that offers money refund in 30 days in user dissatisfaction. This is a remarkable app development tool for small to medium businesses. It seriously assists in business promotion by creating branding components. You can generate coupons, cards, free credit application form, and client review database using it. 

It allows publishing your app on major app stores and sends push notifications to your clients using an attractive format. Swiftic is designed in such a way that users cannot deny it. You must try it for quick branding for your business.


Flutter is a flexible UI kit upheld by Google. Using a single codebase, Flutter lets you create native mobile and desktop apps. This open-source software is designed, combining Dart, C, and C++. Moreover, it uses Skia Graphics Engine for designing visuals.

This free program is highly customizable and covers all significant platform differences like navigation, icon, fonts, scrolling, etc.


Xamarin is a multiple OS supported app development tool. You can develop an efficient native mobile app for IOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows using it. It allows real-time testing so that developers can check and grasp any error. 

One thing to note that Xamarin works based on business logic layers and data access throughout platforms. It contains user interface controls, third-party libraries, and cross-platform libraries in its store. Apart from creating excellent apps, it assists in app indexing and deep linking as well.


If you want to develop an app with minimum coding, Appcelerator is one of the best options. It allows HTML5 applications on Windows, IOS, and Android systems. Using this open-source program, you can build professional apps supported by multiple operating systems. It offers a massive cloud capacity compared with other platforms. You can see all changes and modifications in real-time while developing an app. This is why it speeds up the app developing process.


Ionic is a hybrid platform for mobile app development that works by combining native and web code. This is free and contains numerous JavaScript and CSS components. Ionic is usable on multiple platforms like IOS, Android, and web codebase, including CSS, SASS, and HTML5.

It comes with rich tools and features that allow web developers to design very responsive apps for all app stores. 


Mobincube is an all-in-one app development platform. It offers all the vital traits and functions you will need. It allows developers to customize apps using both drag and drop and coding. You can track users’ interactions on the app by Google Analytics as well. It also allows communication between users and developers.

Monetization is a unique feature of Mobincube. It displays ads on your app and you will generate earning by users’ click each time.


Felgo saves time since it offers the same code for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android. Besides, it may help to lessen coding hassle by up to 60%. It is an excellent option for beginners due to simplicity and top-class support. Felgo supports JavaScript and C++ and multiple components, including 3D objects. This is why you can use it for creating any kind of business and game app. 


It is a native app development platform that requires less or no programming expertise. LongRange is rich in essential app components. It is a reliable tool for developing a native app faster. The code you write on LongRange is applicable to both IOS and Android platforms.

LongRange gets updated frequently and pushes upgrading to users’ devices automatically. 

Each open-source program has its own up and downsides. When you decide to pick one among them, you should study a little if the platform is compatible with your needs. Give one a try that seems satisfying your requirements.

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