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Best Practices That Can Catapult Tech Support Companies to the Top of Their League


Because every customer, regardless of whether it is an individual or a business, is so heavily dependent on computers, tech support companies need to follow a set of best operating practices for maximizing customer satisfaction. By excelling in their jobs, tech support companies can not only ensure customer loyalty and positive word of mouth but also sustained profitability. A quick look at some of the best practices followed by successful tech support service providers:

Offer Tech Support across Multiple Channels

According to industry experts, the proliferation of channels for instant communication has raised customer expectations. They now seek tech support whenever they want, by using the most convenient method to them. It means that to live up to customer expectations, tech support providers should not restrict their support to only the conventional email and phone channels but also reach across through newer channels like WhatsApp, social media, live chat, video conferencing, and more. Ensuring that their support personnel are familiar with these channels is vital for home computer tech support.

Respond Promptly

No customer likes to be kept waiting, especially when they may have an issue that prevents them from carrying out their responsibilities. Tech support companies need to staff their helpdesks adequately so that customers are attended quickly. If a customer’s phone call cannot be attended to within a couple of minutes, he should have the option of leaving a voice message or have someone call him back as soon as possible. Messages and complaints over messaging platforms and social media should be acknowledged immediately using auto-responders. Support companies need to have a system that ensures all customer calls are responded to by a human within 24 hours. If the problem cannot be resolved after the first interaction, tech companies need to focus on addressing it at the earliest, keeping the customer informed. According to a report in Forbes, one-third of the respondents of a survey said that they expect a response within an hour.

Provide Self-Service Assistance Online

Many IT issues can be resolved by the customers themselves if they have the appropriate knowledge. Tech support companies can lighten their ticket load significantly by providing a knowledge base comprising FAQs, tutorials, video demos, etc., that show customers how to address common problems easily. Companies can take it one step further by creating a user forum through which users can help each other out, and the company too can provide suitable assistance and clarifications. Self-service reduces the number of calls made by customers, allows them to seek assistance on their preferred channel and as per their convenience, and improves overall customer satisfaction.


Undoubtedly, the biggest factor that separates the men from the boys in the domain of tech support is the competence of the representatives attending to the customers. When customers have paid good money to subscribe to a support plan, they have every right to expect that their complaints and queries will not only be attended to promptly but also competently. The support companies can do this by hiring experienced people, training them well, and compensating them fairly for best retention.

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