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Benefits of mCommerce in retail businesses

Mobile Commerce involves business via mobile devices and has come as a revolution in the last decade. Now, how does m-commerce benefit businesses?

Here are a few points that describe what’s so hot about the blossomed emerging trends in mcommerce:

  • Push notifications providing personal touch

Push notifications help businesses improve conversion rate by targeting potential customers precisely. As mobiles are carried along almost everywhere a person goes, chances of prompt push notifications increase multifold. This, in turn, improves business.

  • One step calling eases way out for instant contact

Customers reach out to businesses more if it’s easy for them. Live chat assistance, toll free help desk numbers, and one click calls, all help the customers contact businesses much easily. The traditional ways of mails and awaiting responses are old and gone away.

  • Location tracking

Local businesses and even businesses in general, gain advantage through location based notifications. According to a study location based tracking encourages a dramatic increase in open rates and conversion rates.

  • Payments

When it comes to security, it holds paramount importance, be it business of any size. The app-based payment are an easier way to pay money as they don’t require third party payment gateways. The platform itself takes care of it. For example, android users can pay through Google Wallet. Mobile Wallet is another such example. These efforts have improvised the online payment experience of customers and have benefitted business by attracting more and more consumers.

  • Promotional offers

Apart from notification options, companies offer daily deals, discount coupons, special offers for old customers, and so on. These ideas have let the marketing get viral as more and more customers pour in. Brands have come up with customized experiences for their customers to make them feel special and privileged.

  • Access to complete business

Any consumer feels treated specially if he gains complete access to businesses. A lit bit of delay in getting information when needed results in the customer getting diverted to different options from the pool of thousands of options available. To stay ahead, one must be different from others in the league. Using mobile devices, a customer connects better to any business. He has access to information quickly, and gets instant responses to his queries. Whatever they need during their shopping experience can easily be provided in a more compact way using m-commerce.

Although these points have benefitted businesses , however, with the flooding market of m-commerce, the future of it is yet to come when extensive research has to be put in to provide a customer with all the above benefits along with better customer experience. The consumers are yet to feel the convenience as they used to enjoy during traditional product procurement.

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