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Basic statistics concepts Data Scientists need to know

One of the most powerful tools that are used for the performance of art is Data science is statistics. If we go in terms of a data science then you need to understand that it is a mathematical aspect that helps in analysing the information. Sometimes, bar charts are used for the analysis for the data that is on high-level. But it is far different when it comes to statistics. We can actually operate that information in a targeted and information-driven manner. Hence, the mathematical formula can help you to understand the conclusion in a better aspect without depending on guesses.

You can say that it is a deeper form of data that can obtain a perfect insight into data. You can tell the structure of data and also the ways to optimize it as per the techniques of data science. Here are the main concepts that data scientists much known about statics to have an efficient result.

1. Statistics Feature

This is one of the most used concepts on the statistics for the whole data science concept. If anything, it is the first method that will pop into your mind while applying statics on a dataset. It will also incorporate variance, bias, median, mean, and percentiles. In addition to this, it is easy to understand than other methods and more easy to implement.

You can take an example of a box lot where the minimum and maximum value will be marked up. On top of that, it will have first and third quartile and in the middle of these, there will be a median. We will median in place of mean due to its robust nature when it comes to outlier values. Then, 25th first percentile will be the first quartile and 75th will be the third percentile. On the other hand, upper and lower values will be represented with minimum and maximum data range.

Now, why a box plot?

  • When short box plot is shown then it will give that the data points will be similar to each other. It is not a big deal since values can be similar.
  • When the tall box plot is shown then it will give that the data points will be different from each other. It is because the values will be spread around on a wider platform.
  • Another case is of the bottom median value which will point towards the lower values. But if the values are reversed, the top median value will signify the higher value of data. All you need to understand is that if median lines don’t fall in the middle then it will give you skewed data.
  • Very long whiskers? Well, you just get the data of high standard variance and deviation. However, if whiskers are at only a single side but not on another then it is the sign that it will move to one direction.

You can try your chunk of data to see where you stand.

2. Probability distributions

If you are familiar with probability then you might know that it is possible to plot on probability as per the occurrence of qualified range. In simple words, the range in the data science will be 0 and 1 which means that 0 represents no occurrence whereas 1 will work as an occurrence. Hence, as a result, probability distribution will be the one where the possible value is characterized in the probability. It will be represented in the form of a graph.

  • Uniform Distribution is the one that shows the single value in a specific range. But if anything that will fall out of this range will be zero. You can say that it is much similar to on and off representation. It is also considered as a categorical variable indicating that has a total of 2 categories. However, these values can be anything but 0 which can be considered as piecewise function only.
  • Another one is a normal distribution that is famously known as Gaussian distribution. It can easily be determined with the help of standard deviation and mean. Hence, the standard deviation spread out the control and distribution spatially can show the shift due to mean value.
  • Then comes Poisson distribution which is similar to the normal. But it will show amazingly well the value of skewness with the added factor. This is another form that shows the uniform speed with low value in all directions. However, if the value is high for skewness then the magnitude will be in different directions.

These are divided further as well but these three are the most essential factor for the division. It will depend on the value of the data that can easily interpret the variable on a categorical level with the help of uniform distribution method. Whereas there will be many algorithms for the Gaussian distribution while in the Poisson, we can select the algorithm and take special care of data for our spatial speed variation.

3. Bayesian statistics

If you understand the failure of Frequency statistic then you can understand Bayesian static on a high level. When we say frequency then our mind will automatically pop to the word probability. It will analyze the occurring of events and extracting probability with prior data to understand this information.

The best thing about Bayesian statistics is that evidence will be taken under consideration to obtain accurate idea. The formula used for this probability is;

P (H|E) = [P (H) * P (E|H)]/ P (E)


P (H|E) = Posterior probability of H that is given as the evidence

P (H) = prior probability

P (E|H) = Likelihood of the evidence E if the hypotheses H is true

P (E) = Priori probability that the evidence itself is true

These value can easily explain out the prior data probability as compared to the likelihood. This layout gives out the perfect set of value for future data. Also, this is used for the frequency analysis that shows the accurate data with statistics.

The sigma six, data science, business intelligence and many more are a part of a business. You can say that it is the piece cut out from the same polygon with the help of certifications, projects, vocabularies and tools. However, the main focus of these is to reduce the cost and give maximum revenue with accurate results.

The style of each of the statistics value might be different with the several outcomes of effective with management practices. It helps in refreshing the data and management due to the utilization of the data science concepts. There is also K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm that can be used for determination of the data.

Apart from this, statistics is full of such short technique as per the values and dataset. But the formula or data will be determined by seeing what we are expecting from that particular set. Hence, you need to have an insight in reference to the smallest part for abstraction or manipulation on an easier level. Hence, it is essential to have a statistical analysis that can put you on a better approach path.

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